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Top 4 Things You Can Do to Make Sure You Are Replaceable!

So did I get your attention?  I know, I know, you don’t want to be replaceable because then they will… replace you!!!  YES they will because you will be PROMOTED because you are so awesome!!  So in preparation for your promotion to assistant, manager, director, supervisor or whatever title you are striving for you must make sure your team is ready to take the reins and RUN!  Here are 4 things you MUST do to ensure that they are:

1.       Let them stumble, and even fall!  I said it, let them fall – it is okay to have them make a decision about something that may not have been the decision you would have made or that is the absolute best decision for that time.  Of course you want to mitigate the losses and ensure that you are not losing money for the property but let them make a decision about a customer that is upset about a rental increase or one that has been late for the 10th time and still wants you to refund their late fee.  Having your employees make bad decisions is a teaching moment for you to not only gauge how they think about tough decisions but also to see how they react when they are confronted with making a bad decision.  The best inventors made 100 different prototypes of the wrong thing before they stumbled upon the right one!

2.       Show them a budget!  Yes, share your budget with your teams.  Help them understand how you derived your numbers, what they mean and what happens when you hit those numbers or miss those numbers.  Make sure that you help them understand the cost of every concession, the cost of every turn and how much a lost renewal can cost the property and how it all relates together.  Understanding the budget is part of developing a ‘career employee’ rather than a ‘this is my job employee’.

3.       Find teachable moments every day!  Look for opportunities to teach your teams something new.  It could be as simple as a touring with them to build a better demonstration or a quiz on the lease to make sure they know every aspect of it.  Find ways to refresh skills and build new ones DAILY!

4.       Ensure your supervisor knows and spends time with your team – not just you!  We are all busy and have a list five miles long.  Supervisors may come into the office and you and him/her get down to business with your property walks, budget talks and no nonsense meetings of what and how things are progressing and what needs to be done.  It is okay for you to have your supervisor spend some time with your team, after all if you can teach them a one thing daily think of the knowledge that he/she can share with them too.  It makes them feel special that the property supervisor is investing time in them and it sets up your promotion plan because your supervisor will feel more comfortable promoting someone that he/she has spent some quality time with.

Don’t be threatened by a fully informed leasing agent or assistant manager – relish in the amount of delegating you can do when they actually understand the business and not just their day to day duties that constitute 1/10th of what the property management business is.

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Great article, Stephanie. I'd like to link to it in our company newsletter if that's okay? We've been discussing it a lot in our manager's meetings. I'm with Signature Management Corp. Not the big one in GA but a small (but spirited!) company in VA.

  Donje Putnam
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Great advice Stephanie! Without challenging our team and allowing them to learn from mistakes we would be robbing them of the best training tool available. The experience! Make it count! You are awesome Stephanie!

  Laura Lestus
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I love your writing style Stephanie. At first I thought point number one was the best point until I read point number two...you get the point. I would love to use your article as a training tool for my property managers! Thank you for sharing!

  Caprice Stokes, MBA
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Thanks for all the feedback! Glad you find this useful!;D

  Stephanie Graves

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