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Top 5 Reasons Real Estate Investors Hire Real Estate Agents

Don't let the boring title of this video fool you. There are 5 main reasons the most elite multifamily investors in the world hire a real estate agent to sell their assets and you're not gonna want to miss # 5 on the list.

As an overall answer to the question "Why hire a real estate agent to sell your assets," they make you more money. That's a fact. Read on. Yes, real estate investors could just get an appraisal done and stick the listing on LoopNet, Crexi, apartmentbuildings.com, or Ten-X. And yes it will probably sell.

A real estate investor could even get a bunch of real estate agent BOVs (Broker Opinion of Value) to ensure they list their own property for the right price, not hire any real estate agent, and sell themselves. But make no mistake only real estate agents can create an environment that earns a seller the most the market will pay.

Here's reason #1:  No investor can ever create the vast database a real estate agent can because it isn’t natural for real estate investors to call dozens of other real estate investors a week and build rapport. An investor’s database of buyers will pale in comparison to a real estate agent's. The more real estate investors known the greater the chance of bringing a higher offer.

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