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Top 5 Value Add ROI Projects in Multifamily Real Estate

We dive deep into the Top 5 exterior value add projects in multifamily real estate that have the greatest return on investment. You don’t have to do interior renovations, except make the units really clean, if you’ve done great exterior upgrades. You’ll never have a shot at leasing to that tenant if they don’t love the outside while driving by.

We brought in the creative value add master himself, Jason Schaller, to give us his Top 5 value add ROI projects in multifamily real estate. If you’re an investor in the central and north Florida markets and you don’t know Jason, you sure as heck should. Jason Schaller is the Founder and Principal of The Schaller Group, a design, construction, and creative agency. He is also a partner with Peacock Capital, a multifamily investment company that has purchased and operates 33 apartment communities totaling 1,300 apartments in just the last 5 years with 500+ additional apartments under contract and 5 development sites in the early stages of development. I’ve had the pleasure of brokering a number of those deals with Jason and his partners.

Prior to forming The Schaller Group, Jason was Vice President and Managing Director at McKinley, Inc., a $4.6 Billion Dollar real estate company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan where he worked for over 18 years. He was responsible for leading property management operations, sales, marketing, branding, due diligence, acquisitions, design, construction, and redevelopment throughout McKinley's National Real Estate Platform. He was directly responsible for the operations of a 12,000+ Unit Multi-State Apartment Portfolio and 16 Million SF of Commercial. Mr. Schaller has worked for private and institutional owners and has been named receiver in the State of Florida where he has repositioned receivership and REO assets in 21 states.

He is very well known for his big personality and huge presence on social media. He has an awesome ZZ Top beard. He has performed and recorded internationally as a rock n' roll guitarist for over 25 years. His band, VANGOGO, can be heard nationally on alternative rock radio and internationally with millions of streams on the major streaming networks. He is an entrepreneur and founder of the Trust Me Cap and Trust Me Brands that donates 77% of product sales to world organizations and charities with a focus on art, music, and culture.

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