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Top Destroyer of Real Estate Deals for Investors

There is a silent destroyer of real estate deals for an investor out there that is costing them millions of dollars in opportunities and they have no idea it’s happening.  SPAM BLOCKERS.  As a real estate broker in modern times, most new listings are pushed out through email and world servers are blocking those emails from ever getting to an investor's computer.  The multifamily real estate investors that buy more deals are the ones that see more deals than other investors.  If a server has flagged a real estate agent's email domain as a spammer, none of their new listings will ever make it to an investor's inbox. Watch this video for exactly how this works.

Almost Everyone’s email has spam blocker technology.  Some are more aggressive than others, but the point is, it is just a software, or artificial intelligence, deciding which email to allow in to your inbox.  There’s no human being watching over the spam blocker technology.

Multifamily brokers send a lot of emails in the ordinary course of a day.  Listings, closings, market reports, correspondence, relationship building, etc.  Everyone’s email is run off of one of just a few main servers in the world.  Sometimes those server’s spam blocking technology will decide that the server holding a broker's email is spam.  Because brokers email so much servers will label it spam and block it from ever going thru their server to get to any of the email addresses they serve.

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