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Turning the Tide on Bad Resident Reviews

Turning the Tide on Bad Resident Reviews

When a community’s ratings and reputation is struggling, it can be incredibly challenging to pull those ratings back from the brink, all while not having the team get discouraged along the way. And for those communities that are already doing well on that front, how are they proactive about getting resident feedback before that feedback turns into negative reviews?

These are two of my favorite parts of my interview with Danielle Johnson, Vice President of Marketing and Training at Bridge Property Management. She dives into how they impact Google reviews, measure the results, and how they implemented touchpoints for feedback after tours, move-ins, work orders, move-outs, and other key points along the resident and prospect journey. Plus, she shares the most common reasons for bad reviews, and how her partnership with Opiniion helped gauge impact in her efforts!

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When it comes to the multifamily business, we're only as good as the people we employ.  One employee CAN ruin your reputation.  From personal experience a lot of employee issues deal with a lack of motivation no matter how much we train or reward them.  We must identify quickly if our employees and teams lack motivation and if they could cause harm to our business.  We all must act as CMO's (Chief Motivation Officer).   Motivation isn't consistent.  Motivati...
A big benefit of Facebook – arguably THE biggest benefit for property managers – is the ability to capture, understand and leverage resident feedback. Traditionally, gathering customer feedback was difficult and often expensive. With channels like Facebook, this is simply no longer the case as your residents can easily interact with your property on your Facebook page. Now, keeping in mind that comments can swing both ways – positively and negatively – you need to e...
For a long time, our industry has been in need of a reputational face lift.  From fighting the illusion of the “American Dream” to crime reporting that unfairly compares apartment living relative to single family housing, our industry has been constantly placed in a negative light relative to home ownership.  Adding to that reputational stigma was the always-frustrating Apartment Ratings that historically seemed more than content to let negative reviews flourish and fester,...