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Using Wave to Market Apartments

Can you imagine a service that combines email, instant-messaging and document sharing? Well now you don't have to;  Google Unveils a Conversation Service called Wave - WSJ.com. This struck me as I am currently working on a piece that is relative to the next generation of the Internet; Web 3.0 or the Semantic Web and in my opinion this speaks directly to it.

This is a fascinating topic in that it really boils down to search engine sites racing to organize web content around a set of standards - standards that would ultimately give meaning to web pages. Meaning so precise that any search term you typed in would yield the exact person, place, thing or in our case apartment that you were looking for. Imagine searching for a $612 second floor one bedroom apartment facing Forest Park in Central West End of St. Louis and boom you get it. Add the words; near someone I know and boom you find one right next to one of your Facebook friends. Google's Wave is for all intents and purposes a way to organize conversations in such a way that they have a more precise meaning to the end user. How might something like this be useful in our space?

Using Wave we could generate a message on the topic of a recently vacated apartment home and the need for a new resident. We could then send it out to our permission based user set [read: resident evangelists]. Maybe we tie an incentive to it or maybe we don't. The point is the evangelist would then go to work finding their next neighbor all the while content is being organized. Each time that happens Wave gets smarter and each time the end user gets a richer experience in yielding exactly what they search for. And, over time the scenario above becomes more realistic. It all makes my spin. You think social media is fun? The Semantic web will bring a whole new meaning to apartment marketing. And, just when you think you can't take anymore the Web in things will be in full force.

And, with that I must hit the publish button as it is 2:33AM and I have a big day planned with my kids.

Have a famous weekend.


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Mike, Good Morning,
You have outlined an interesting concept of how the Leasing Experience will change with the next "wave" of Google technology.

It sure seems to me, that now more than ever, property management companies need/must let go forever the Need to Control the Message, as what you have laid out puts most of the purchase decision in the hands of ratings and reviews of what others think, and most importantly, your Brand Evangelists,

  Eric Brown
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Thank you for taking the time to comment. You are right in the respect of giving up control - it's here, it's now, it's viral and it's quickly moving toward being highly organized and very search specific. It's a fascinating time to be in the multifamily space.

Have a great weekend. M

  Mike Brewer
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I watched the seminar on Google Wave. I was clapping along with the audience. I have been waiting for this type of system. It will be the technology that will bring formation to our busy lives instead of the scattered way of handling the technology we have now. I look forward to further reports. I signed myself up with Google to be on the list for first time users.

  Jonathan Saar

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