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[VIDEO] Energy Intelligence Webinar: Part 1 Air Conditioner

Paul Rhodes, NAAEI’s National Safety and Maintenance Instructor, offers insight and recommendations concerning onsite tasks that make smart use of energy-efficiency, presented in association with a grant from Yardi.

In this video created by NAAEI, Paul Rhodes covers various tasks that can be performed by on-site apartment maintenance technicians to ensure energy efficiency of air conditioning equipment.

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The debate over incandescent bulbs vs. compact fluorescents (CFL’s) and light-emitting diodes (LED’s) is excellently discussed by Lauren Boston in Flipping the Switch, Units, January 2012.  Casting light on the subject can be brought into focus depending on which use multifamily operators are considering of the many that they have – patios and breezeways, common area hallways, fitness centers, parking lights and building exteriors, signage, etc. But the most impact may be ...
We let our residents paint their apartments.  We even offer to do it for them as a move-in incentive or for a small fee per wall.  This really helps for them to personalize their space and make it feel like home.  We want them to enjoy their living experience at J.C. Hart, and coming home to an apartment that has a personal touch and some color can help them to do so. At J.C. Hart we work with a number of vendors for paint and painting.  One in particular is CertaPro pai...
For a while we've heard that the key to resident satisfaction is providing excellent maintenance. Now although you know I think that is really only half of the equation, it is still vital to keeping your residents from running around with pitchforks trying to tar and feather your onsite team. But what exactly does providing great maintenance truly entail? Well, here are my three important aspects to providing great maintenance:1) Understand The Problem - As I'm sure you know, residents will sit ...