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Voice To Text - How Voice Commands Are Changing The Expectations in Multifamily and Beyond


Technology is changing rapidly - and with the new rollouts from Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, and all of the other companies using voice technology as a tool for automation, it’s safe to say that voice is the way that things are heading. When it comes to communication, writing, and note taking, verbal voice to text can help things be faster and more automated - allowing you more time for brainstorming, and less time spent typing.

Interested in seeing how voice to text will be able to simplify your day-to-day? Check out these ways that we believe voice is going to change the multifamily industry - sooner rather than later.

Voice to Connect:

Feel like you already have your hands full during your day-to-day? That’s where voice comes in! Voice to text has already become a player in the retail and communication sectors - and now multifamily is benefiting from this tech-trend!

Need to send a text message to building 3 after you’ve already left the office… during dinner? It happens! There are resident communication tools out there that allow you to quickly and easily send texts to your residents… and that includes a voice text! In times of urgency or emergency, being able to use your voice to send a mass text message or respond to a resident via text message (from your property’s unique text to chat number) is an essential and powerful tool.

Voice to pay rent: 

Paying rent has seen some major changes over the last few years - once only possible by dropping a check off at the front office or via mail, paying rent has now shifted to primarily online. Residents everywhere appreciate the ease and flexibility of paying their rent online - but with Alexa, Google Home, and the rise of smart homes in the property management sector, it’s safe to say that voice to pay rent is on the horizon.

Voice to pay has already seen some major traction - you may have heard about Amazon Alexa’s option to donate to the Red Cross during the recent hurricanes using only voice or the option to purchase items in your cart with just a few voice cues. Now that the option is there for paying using a few voice commands, it’s only a matter of time until this trend appears in the multifamily industry.

Voice as AI: 

There’s a new technology on the block that has already changed the multifamily industry quite a bit, and that’s AI. Short for artificial intelligence, this new technological advance has created a way to respond to potential residents around the clock. Chat bots, service request systems and automated responses can all be “taught” to respond via AI - with the correct programming, computer systems could recognize and answer common questions and requests from residents and potentials.

Think about it this way - you could set up a phone number that responds to texts with specific text message responses that depend on the prompt. For example, if you use an ad like ‘text “one bedroom” to 43662 for availability’, you could create an auto response that depends on your current availability - giving potential residents access to the information that they crave in just seconds, no matter what time of day it is. 

Tech continues to disrupt the multifamily space - and it's vital for your community to stay on-trend. With residents having higher expectations than ever when it comes to communication and feeling in-the-know on happenings in the community, now is the time to stay ahead of your competition and create the systems necessary for streamlined resident communication!

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