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We Really Need to Talk About that Dorm Project with No Windows

Student housing design is an evolving art.

What amenities will attract the most renters? How about smart tech? Or offering virtual tours? Maybe taking away windows?

*Record scratch*

*Freeze frame"

I bet you're wondering how we got here...

Billionaire Charlie Munger (who is not an architect) donated funds to UC Santa Barbara for a mega dorm project—that he designed. The community, called Munger Hall, will cost $1.5 billion, cover 1.68 million square feet and house 4,500 students.

There will be only two entrances. And 94 percent of the rooms won't have windows.

Many are already comparing the proposed rooms to the guards' rooms in Squid Game. But that's not fair. Those rooms had no windows whatsoever. The Munger Hall rooms are set to have artificial windows—like on Disney cruise ships where "starfish come in and wink at your children," Munger said. "No one can tell it's not a window."

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YES! I read this story earlier this week with horror! Who could possibly think that's a good idea? And what makes it perhaps even more criminal is that project is located in beautiful, scenic Santa Barbara. I can't understand this!!

  Kara Rice
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I know! Just hearing about it made me feel all claustrophobic!

  Jessica Fiur

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