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Welcome Means So Much

Welcome means so much.  Have you been to a Wal-Mart recently?  If their greeter is out to lunch, and not replaced, you haven’t been greeted properly by their standards and you have missed out.  It is normally a senior citizen with a warm and friendly smile who goes out of their way to grab you a buggy.

How do you greet your new prospects? Does your property say, live here?  First impressions are huge in every industry. Have you noticed that the sales force for pharmaceuticals, copy machines, and real estate are always dressed to perfection with big smiles, bright eyes, and ironed shirts with ties for the men and perfectly coifed ladies from hair to make-up and business suits, every detail in perfect order?

So, how do you rate onsite? How about your community? Is your community dressed for success? Are your leasing specialists looking their professional best? Clothes make the man and woman, otherwise, would there be so many fashion magazines out there?  I hardly think so, something to think about.

Swept sidewalks, groomed grass and flowers when in season, impeccably clean glass windows and decorated lobbies are all a factor when you want to put out the welcome mat. And speaking of, is your welcome mat clean and vacuumed?  Do you have a candy bowl or fruit available?  A kid friendly snack for children keeps little hands busy and bottled water is always welcome.

Welcome mat

How about courtesy and kindness upon entering the leasing office? Are you standing up and reaching out to shake a hand? Giving that eye to eye connection just takes a moment. Excuse yourself from your conversation, walk across to the guests that have just arrived, shake hands, introduce yourself, ask them to have a seat and let them know that you know they are there. People who feel invisible often become invisible, they leave. 

Welcome is an investment in future monthly rent. Welcome means your property’s occupancy is on the increase. Welcome means "You Matter".

How do you welcome your prospective residents?  How do you make them feel comfortable and at  home?  I would love to hear some of your comments. 

Alison Voyvodich

Director of Communications

WRH Realty Services, Inc.


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