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What You Need to Know About Facebook Timeline

A few months ago, Facebook announced the release of Timeline, a new interface made to boost engagement and user connectivity for all pages, especially for brands and businesses. Come March 30th, all Facebook Pages will have made the transition to the Timeline format.
Today, let’s focus on the aspects in Timeline that are different from your current Business Page. Mashable did a great job explaining the major changes, and we’ve added our insights to relate this to your community.
1. Updated Look and Feel: The format of Timeline for brands is quite similar to Timeline for personal profiles. A cover photo lives at the top of the Page, and the Page is separated into two main columns with a dividing line representing the passage of time. This format provides you with new options for story telling: You can outline your history with milestones (such as grand openings, resident events, etc.) to construct a narrative for your audience.
2. Reduced Tab/App Visibility: The new Timeline format does not have the left-side panel of links, which could include hundreds of different tabs. While applications still exist, they’ll display differently, in rectangular panels underneath the cover photo. The width of the Timeline and the space allocated for native apps like Photos means that only four tab panels are viewable at any given time. To see more, users must expand the tab panel by clicking a drop-down box. You have the ability to assign which tabs you want to display in the top four panels.
3. Pins: One major new feature that you as a property manager will enjoy is the ability to “pin” certain posts to the top of the Timeline. Pinning a post to the top of Timeline allows it to precede any other content. A pinned post is distinguished by a small, orange flag. Brands can pin only one item at a time, and the pinned item then exists in two locations — as the top item on the Timeline itself, as well as within its chronological place. Once unpinned (which happens automatically when a new item gets pinned, or when the item has been pinned for more than seven days), the post remains in the chronology of Timeline posts, but there is no visual history that it was pinned in the past.
4. Stars: Starring will extend a post to double its width across the timeline, making it larger than the rest of the posts as users navigate the page. This feature is ideal for posts with a high level of engagement, a call to action or a promotion you want to make sure your residents see.
5. Private Messages between Brands and Fans/Residents: Finally, you can maintain a conversation with your residents in the form of a private message. This enables a broadened level of interaction, and will also allow Page admins to take extended resident concerns off the Timeline and into a private message.
Take a look at Starbuck’s Timeline for a great guide on utilizing each Timeline feature to help you tell your story. 


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Thanks so much for the article on Timeline! ReferBoost just launched the first Timeline Buttons for real estate. I'd love your feedback. http://referboost.com/buttons

More about timeline buttons and how apartment marketers can use them here: http://www.multifamilyinsiders.com/apartment-ideas/share-your-story/8275-referboost-launches-first-facebook-timeline-buttons-for-real-estate#8275

  Matthew Hartman
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Very helpful thanks!!

  Stephanie Graves

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