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What's love got to do with it?

"Ohhhh…what’s love got to do, got to do with it?"

You’re probably singing that iconic Tina Turner song in your head right now, aren’t you?  I am!  I just love that song!  And what exactly does love “got to do, got to do, with it”?  If you’re talking about great apartment leasing…just about everything, ’bout everything, to do with it!

As a professional leasing agent, we do so much more than ‘just’ leasing.  Resident services, market surveys, marketing, walking apartments, traffic reports, and so much more.  But it’s all related to leasing – and you either love it or leave it. 

I’ve had the pleasure working with, hiring and training many leasing agents over the years.  And there’s one basic fundamental that the agents that stay and succeed in the industry all have in common – they love leasing!  Yes, I said love.  Love the craziness, the variety of tasks; love the residents, prospects, the weird and wonderful stories; the whole kit and caboodle of leasing.  If you don’t love it, it shows.  Eventually it shows in your performance, in your closing ratio, the property occupancy and may lead to an alternate career path - even if not your choice.

Like a great love affair, there are ups and downs, better days than others, but at the heart and soul of it, there is love.   Is it work to keep the love alive?  Absolutely.  Empower yourself to stay fresh and enthused with your leasing.  Do simple things like driving to the property a different route 1 day a week to get a fresh perspective, personally get out and shop the comps, make a list of your favorite features in your show apartments, use a thesaurus to keep your leasing words spicy! 

The love of people, loving the excitement of getting to be a part of someone’s adventure of finding and leasing them their new apartment home is what it’s all about.  I admit, I may be a bit of a leasing freak, but even after doing this leasing gig for over 20 years, it is still just so cool that I get to be a part of someone’s search for a new home!  A new home where they’ll celebrate holidays, birthdays, have great family laughs or cries and remember in years to come “isn’t that when we lived at XYZ apartments?”  And if I’m really good at my job and keep the love alive, they just might say, “Yeah…isn’t that where Laura leased us our apartment?”  Gotta love it!

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Laura, I think half of the pros in our industry either never realized, never appreciated, or have forgotten what an amazing impact we can have on our resident's lives. We are very lucky to be in an industry that has such an emotional tie to our customers - if only we knew how to use it better!

  Brent Williams
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Laura, I couldn't agree more with this one. Love and passion play a major part in my choosing this industry. Thanks for sharing.

  Talisa Lavarry

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