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Why Property Management Is A Great Career Path For You

I started in Property Management thinking it would just be “employment to pay the bills until I found a real job.”  Twenty eight years later, I owned a property management company and then became a consultant, trainer and speaker.


If you look on the Web for a definition of property management, this is what you will find:  The range of functions concerned with looking after buildings, including collection of rents, payment of outgoings, maintenance including repair, provision of services, insurance and supervision of staff employed for services, together with negotiations with residents or prospective residents. The extent of and responsibility for management between landlord and resident depend on terms of the lease(s). The landlord may delegate some or all of these functions to managing agents.  However, it is so much more!


There are many reasons property management might be the right career for you too.  To start, if you are a people person, like sales and customer service, you will use these skills in this industry.  You also have the opportunity of working in an office and outdoors.  No cubicle jungle here!


I started in leasing and found that I really had a knack for helping people.  I was able to draw out of them things that would help me, help them find the right home.  When they rented, moved in and continued their stay, I found it very rewarding.


As a manager I learned that leadership is doing the right thing and management is doing things right.  I learned this from working my way into an industry full of opportunities with a clear career path of advancement.  There are so many paths in this industry; you can choose which one is best traveled by you.


For me, management seemed the perfect career road.  I loved teaching, coaching and leading.  My first position as a district manager was a real challenge with a diverse group of properties.  I saw these challenges as opportunities toward advancement not only in my career, but my personal accomplishments as well.


How many industries have such a diverse arena of opportunities in so many different directions without asking for a Master’s Degree?  It’s not just about leasing, management and maintenance, but also marketing, training, construction and development.


I have worked with different companies over the years and have not only been with the management side of the industry, but also with our industry partners.  Our industry partners help us to accomplish the goals we set out for ourselves, our properties and our companies.  How about carpet, pest control, plumbing and HVAC?  The paths are endless!


One of the most important building blocks of this industry is that it offers nationally recognized designations such as: NALP (National Apartment Leasing Professional), CAM (Certified Apartment Manager), CAMT (Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician) and many other designations to propel your career.


If you are a person who:


·         Likes getting input of many people with diverse skills

·         Likes receiving diverse experience and knowledge from others

·         Likes working as a team

·         Likes self-regeneration by learning, advancing

·         Likes passing experience to new members…

·         Wants to advance in an industry with a REAL career path


Then property management is right for you!



Property Management offers a visible and attainable career path!  It is not just a job.

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  • I love interviewing for all levels of Property Management and being reminded of it's rewards, whether as a Porter or President! You affect so many lives on a daily basis the intrinsic value is off the charts, you wear so many hats you can never feel like you are counting beans, and (as you mentioned) the ceilings are much easier to punch through! Great article, Terri, thanks!

  • Theresa McCutcheon

    What do I need to do to get into Property Management. Everyone asks for experience. Do I need to take a Real Estate Course or just the CMCA certification?

  • Hi Theresa, The good news is there are many ways to get into the industry! While many people do want experience, I am starting to see more and more companies looking for talent outside of the industry, especially for the front line leasing agent positions. A good place to start would be with companies that do temp staffing and placement in the industry. They'll often provide you with training and you'll get first hand experience...while getting paid~and many of those positions can lead to permanent positions. Good luck!

  • agarwal estates

    Property Management as a career choice is not for everyone.. but yes, its a very exciting, challenging and engaging career path one can opt for.


    Property Management is my passion in other words dealing with people and helping them in daily life challenges. With this have founds politics is my true calling where I can champion people liberties and offering political leadership

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