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Why a Virtual Option for Resident Events is a Must-Have This Winter 🥶

It might be cold outside in some parts of the country, but that is no reason for that to put a deep freeze on your resident engagement and leasing activities. However, it may require you to put more heat on that creative bone of yours!

The apartment community I live at just had a wine and charcuterie night (my community knows me well...I love any event when wine is involved)!

But it got me thinking of attendance. You see, the apartment community I live in has four buildings. Meaning, residents have to make a little walk over to the lounge area. It's not far by any means, but when you're cozied up on the couch, it may feel far. And, the last several weeks have been the coldest yet for Indiana. In addition, depending on your preference, residents may not want to be surrounded by big groups!

Anyways, I thought that attendance could have been higher if residents had another option to attend - virtually! So, in this case, a virtual wine and charcuterie class (residents could pick up their kits at an earlier, maybe, warmer day). On top of that, if the event was pre-recorded, you could send that out to residents who couldn't attend live (or didn't want to be around big groups).

Not only does this show your residents that you care for them, but you're also catering to ever-evolving consumer behaviors. And, teams can cater not only to just residents but throughout the entire resident lifecycle!

Take last winter for example -- we learned just how convenient it can be to use entertainment apps, online shopping experiences and other digital solutions at our fingertips. Moreover, according to a Pew Research Center survey, 40% of Americans have used technology “in ways that were new or different to them” since the pandemic began.

For prospective residents, it's increasingly important for communities to offer those options for online searching, touring, and engaging! Consumers want convenience -- video tools can help!

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