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How to Rent Apartments without Selling the Specials

Proven methods of increasing occupancy without selling specials.

Why you should secure every lease as a team

Why you should secure every lease as a team

As a leasing agent there are a lot of things to consider when trying to close a deal. Many leasing agents think of the transaction between a leasing agent and a prospect as a challenge that only they can handle 1 on 1.

That could not be further from the truth!

When trying to convert a prospect into a resident, a leasing agent should use his or her entire team at their disposal. From their office staff, to the maintenance personnel; teamwork is required and the very best leasing agents realize this.

Introduce your prospects to the maintenance staff

You want your prospects to have piece of mind. Introducing them to the maintenance staff will allow them to know that when they move in, if anything goes wrong in their apartment home, that they will have someone familiar and reliable that they can call on to fix their issues right away. Additionally, introducing your maintenance staff to your future residents before they execute their lease agreement, gives your prospects a sense of relief and community that they will surely think about if any doubts or worries cross their minds about the apartment.

Keep in mind that maintenance satisfaction plays a major roll in your communities occupancy rates. Communities with outstanding maintenance teams usually maintain their current residents longer than those communities with poor maintenance teams.

Introduce your prospects to the property manager

Find the time to introduce your prospects to both the assistant manager and the property manager. This is a great way to again show your prospective residents that before they execute their lease agreements, they are already invested in the community. They will have met and built a relationship with the authoritative figures that they can come to and chat with should they have any concerns.

This will allow your prospects to feel catered to and even more special. Your prospective resident may feel that they are getting "special treatment" right from the get go! Which is always a plus!

Maintaining your resident's happiness is a team effort.  Securing the lease should be too.


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