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Will Multifamily Real Estate Housing Crash in 2022?

I have some very strong predictions about whether there will be a multifamily real estate housing crash in 2022.

Will there be a multifamily real estate housing crash in 2022? Hell no! Here are the reasons:

  • We need to build 325,000 new apartment homes each year on average, which we haven't done since 1989. We only did 289k in 2020, which was an extremely active year by any standards.
  • We need to build over 4 million apartment homes by 2030. And another 10-12 million apartments need renovation during that time. We aren't even close to being on track.
  • Immigration is predicted to account for half of all new U.S. population growth through 2030 and immigrants mostly rent.
  • For millennials 22-37 most common form of living is renting.
  • Seniors are choosing the convenience of apartment living over ownership.
  • Renters in the U.S. are near 39 million people, which is about 1 in 8!
  • Even if home prices flatten or go down in 2022, which is highly doubtful, they still won’t go down anywhere near enough to then shift renters to buyers.

Hear more in the video: 




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