Being in the webspace, I often hear from multifamily industry members that either their residents aren't online or that only teens and tweens use social networking sites. Oh how they are wrong, much to the annoyance of those very teens. Apparently, mom, dad, and grandma have encroached upon Facebook and it isn't very "cool" to add them as a friend.,25642,23125981-5014239,00.html?from=mostpop

One interesting line in the article noted, "Or adults could back off and only use social networking to contact their own peers." Let's see a show of hands who think MySpace and Facebook are actually designed for users above the age of, let's say, 35 years old. (For those who can't see the hands, I'll answer for them - nobody thinks these websites are designed for these users!) Which makes an interesting point: Adults are swarming to these sites in droves, even though it really doesn't fit their specific needs. In fact, approximately half of MySpace users are over 35!  So again, if you think that your older demographics are not interested in social networking and becoming active online, think again!