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You’ve Got Mail, An Email Lead Is Waiting


The indicator that an email lead has been received from an Internet Leasing Source (ILS) is the most exciting start to a day that a leasing professional can imagine.

A prospect has viewed your online brochure.  Since it includes a description of your apartment styles, details and pictures of your amenities; pricing information and security deposit information; this lead is a lease in the making.

The pending email lead indicates the prospect is ready to move forward.  They’re ready to have a conversation or an email chat for more information or to confirm availability.  To use a fishing analogy, the hook is set you need to reel them in.

All too often, we underestimate the urgency of this inquiry.


It gets lost in the office opening agenda;

  • Turn on lights
  • Check the model
  • Start the coffee
  • Get maintenance started for the day

All too quickly,  its 11 a.m, or worse yet, time for lunch.  Even the volume of our incoming email could distract us from giving this lead the attention that it needs.

The response to the email lead is forgotten.   The information is sent later in the day, hopefully.

No Response From Email Leads

The follow up tracking log shows a response was sent to the email lead.  The conversation stops there,  the prospect doesn’t respond.  Attempts to follow up go unanswered, discrediting the advertising source; “unable to contact the prospect.”

Internet inquiries and email leads are time sensitive.   Without a unique feature or amenity, your community is one of many the prospected has selected.  The prospect has probably selected two or three potential properties that meet their search criteria; all variables being equal, the property that responds first will get the sale.

If a prospect came into the leasing office offering;
-they know the rental rate
-they know the security deposit policy
-they’re familiar with floor plans and unit availability

Would you ask them to have a seat until you made coffee and checked the model? OF COURSE NOT!

We’d have the guest card, application in hand. We’d ask for the prelease or deposit in an instant. Apartment sold! Next!

Take Action On Email Leads

An Internet lead will not patiently wait for us to find time in our day to respond. Individuals using email want immediate responses.  Whatever resources we can utilize to minimize the time between an inquiry and a response.  This can increase the closing ratio with an email leads.

Internet leads are often ready to commit to an apartment.  If we will give them the opportunity.

Start your day.   Check your email.   Look for an email lead…There’s a sale waiting for you.

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  • Lisa Smith

    So very true! Great write-up! We try to keep our leads integrated into our CRM system to stay organized. It's nice when leads will flow directly into our primary contact panel.

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