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The Autonomous Marketer

Autonomous Marketing & Operations for Multifamily using a 'Humans + Machines' Strategy

Your 'No Excuses' Guide to Welcoming New Residents. Each one. All the time. Without Fail.

The Roomba Revelation



The Roomba is one of our favorite autonomous inventions. There are a lot of ways people can spend their time, and vacuuming doesn’t have to be one of them. All you need to do is tell it what time of day to vacuum and you have one less chore to do every week. It is such a simple concept, yet it has been insanely popular. iRobot ships over one million units every year.

The Roomba isn’t successful because vacuuming is a difficult task. It’s successful because it eliminates the need for individuals to complete a monotonous, time-consuming task. Let’s be honest, a lot of us would love to say we vacuum every week, but that isn’t the case. Yes, vacuuming is essential, but skipping it for the week isn’t going to stop your household from running like laundry and dishes. We are busy. Finding time to squeeze in vacuuming doesn’t always happen.

Stories of innovation like Roomba inspire us to make improvements for multifamily. Multifamily agents and marketers are overwhelmed with ‘chores’ that are repetitive and quickly forgotten. 

One example: Resident Welcome.


What does a Resident Welcome email campaign entail?

Welcoming residents helps set the tone for the resident’s experience.

It is the first interaction with your prospects after they sign a lease. The resident welcome emails help you show your customers that you care about them, not just making a sale.

Unfortunately, agents are swamped with nurturing prospects, handling resident’s needs, hosting events and about a hundred other things. Resident welcome emails can slip through the cracks, especially during the busy season.

By making an autonomous resident welcome email campaign, you can guarantee new residents feel comfortable in their new home and you can relieve agents from a tedious task.

Each resident welcome should include two parts:

  1. Pre move-in instructions
  2. Post move-in welcome to the community.

Here is an example of a typical Pre Move-In Drip Campaign:



Once a resident moves in, they should start to receive the Moved-In Resident Welcome Drip seen below.



Now that you have your campaign ready let’s look at how we can ease the sending process.


How can you make it autonomous?

To make an autonomous email campaign for new residents, you need two components:


1. An email platform with drip campaign capability

An automated drip campaign is a series of emails that automatically sent in a staggered manner. Drips are designed to provide customers with relevant information without overwhelming them.

We recommend sending several emails to encourage your new residents to get connected via email and social media, get familiar with your property and acquainted with the area.


2. A CRM with segmentation


Once you have your emails ready to go, you need to define the audience. Your CRM needs to allow segmentation easily, so your campaign is sent to new residents only.



With these two pieces in place, you are ready to ‘set it and forget it.’ An autonomous Resident Welcome email campaign guarantees that your residents receive a thoughtful and caring introduction to your community.

This campaign is an easy way to start your residents on the path to renewal. Now, your agents can welcome residents to your property Roomba-style!

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