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Toni Blake

Toni Blake was honored with the MultifamilyPro Industry Legend Award in 2008 and tours with the Apartment All Stars.  She presents across the US, Canada, Europe and is the only Professional Industry Comedienne preforming on many top US comedy stages. She is a co-author of “The Complete Guide to Leasing Apartments” and featured in industry trade magazines. She's toured over 50 cities each year for 30 years inspiring thousands of industry professionals


KEYNOTE: Building Loyalty Through A Character-Driven BRAND!


Overcoming Objection on The YES PATH


2020 Focus – Mastering Your Team’s Energy Through Vision, Direction, and Momentum


Toni Blake Presents: Closing on First Contact


100% Follow-up Everyone Every time


Toni Blake’s "Wings of Positive Change": 12 Powerful Human Habits for Successful Property Management

LOW Cost HIGH Revenue Rent Strategies



How To Close Everyone! Toni Blake's Must Have Leasing Toolkit


Toni Blake Presents: "Kiss My Apartment"

4 Keys to TEAM Velocity

The Passion Workshop - The KEY Ingredient to Success During the Leasing Season

2020 Vision - Premeditated Marketing


Rommel Anacan

Rommel Anacan (Roh-mel Ana-kin) is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and organizational strategist. He founded The Relationship Difference in 2011 after a successful career at all levels of the multifamily housing industry. Rommel is best known for powerfully impacting thousands of people, companies and organizations nationwide by helping them break through their limits so that they can achieve the success they desire. He has been a member of the famed Apartment All-Stars team since 2017. On a personal note Rommel loves spending time with his wife and daughter, watching Hallmark movies (seriously), wearing cowboy boots, serving in the Civil Air Patrol, and drinking lots of Coke Zero. Learn more at


What to Do When You're Overstressed, Overwhelmed and Over It


Yes, We Can ALL Get Along! Unleashing the Diversity Advantage


Rise Resiliently: Succeeding at Work When Life Gets Difficult


Next Person Up! The Essentials of Building Your Organization's Bench Strength


Blueprint of Success: Ten Powerful Principles of Highly Successful People


The Psychology of Customer Service


Legit Leadership: 10 Leadership Hacks in 60 Minutes!

15 Leasing Hacks in 60 Minutes

Pitch Perfect Selling! How to Hit All of the Right Notes When Selling to Customers

How NOT to Lose a Resident in 12 Months!


Kara Rice

Kara Rice has spent more than 25 years in the multifamily industry in roles ranging from Leasing Consultant to CIO, with an emphasis on employee development. In 2019, she joined a team of innovators to launch Swift Bunny, where she serves as Chief Communications Officer. Previously, she co-founded Grace Hill where she oversaw the company’s eLearning curriculum and helped create a work culture renowned for innovation, enthusiasm, and camaraderie. Kara is passionate about education, team performance, career satisfaction, and employee motivation. She is a frequent presenter at industry conferences and has taught numerous NAA designation courses including CAM and NALP. She is also a licensed FL real estate sales associate and owner of rental property. Born and raised in the Boston area, Kara now roots for the Red Sox from her home in South Florida where she and her husband are raising their three children and dodging hurricanes.


A Disengaged Employee Costs What? Connecting the Dots between Employee Success and Your Financial Performance.

Avoid Employee Churn and Burn: How to Keep Your Communities Staffed and Successful

The Manager's Role in Employee Engagement - 20 Simple Ways to Motivate and Reward

Day 1 Disaster Stories: 7 Biggest Mistakes You Make When Welcoming a New Team Member

What the World's Best Bosses Know about Leading Teams


Stephanie Graves

For over 20 years, Stephanie Graves has been sharing her talent with the multifamily industry. She tackles property marketing and operations while offering a wide spectrum of insight into multifamily world. She has spear headed training and employee development programs that have increased operational efficiencies for property management companies nationwide. Stephanie has a BA in Communications and is a frequent presenter for NAA, holds the CAPS, CAM and IROP designations and is a recognized NAA Education Faculty member. She is also the proud mother of a youngster, ‘smilin’ Rilynn, that you may recognize from her MF Insider blogs.


How to Implement Powerful Virtual Leasing Without Losing the Personal Connection!

Prospects are NOT leasing… what am I doing wrong??

Service FAIL - What To Do When Service Goes Bad

Marketing Plan Evolution – Making Sure Your Plan is Smokin’ Hot for 2018


Lisa Trosien

A frequent multifamily speaker for the National Multihousing Council and other associations, Lisa is a dedicated professional contributing to different leasing programs all around the United States. Lisa is a busy woman as a multifamily speaker for various industry associations and a contributor to different magazines, as well as one of the founders of The Apartment All Stars. A celebrated professional and a multifamily speaker in the leasing and apartment industry, she is usually consulted as an industry expert by major publications in the United States, such as the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and the Chicago Tribune.


Re-Creating the Customer Experience


Once Upon a Time: Selling Through Storytelling


The Power of Persuasion - Improving Your Personal Influence To Boost Sales Success


How to Deliver Bad News

Follow Up or Fail: It's up to you!


Don Sanders

Don Sanders entered the Multi-Family housing industry over two decades ago as an eager Leasing Consultant, quickly rising through the ranks to hold executive positions within some of the industry’s largest and most successful companies. Today he holds the position of Vice President of Marketing & Professional Development for Cornerstone Group of Florida, one of the industry's most recognized affordable housing developers. Additionally, he is the Principal of Trainer Don's World, offering consulting services, keynote speaking engagements and educational seminars to the Apartment Industry nationally. Better known as "Trainer Don", he is most recognized for his high energy, comedic humor and real life industry experience based presentations, fueled by the simplistic teaching philosophy that learning should be fun.


Mentored for Success

Employees 1st, Customers 2nd – A Winning Management Philosophy


Jackie Ramstedt

Jackie Ramstedt, CAM, CAPS, CAS, is a requested, repeat presenter and nationally renowned motivational keynote speaker, consultant, and performance coach who has more than 30 years experience in the multifamily housing industry. Jackie has spoken to thousands of industry professionals on a national level for the National Apartment Association, Multifamily Pro Annual Brainstorming, the Institute of Real Estate Management and numerous state and local Associations including Canada. This is Jackie’s 16th consecutive year with the Apartment All Stars team national tours. Jackie is a subject matter expert, key contributor, and veteran industry instructor for the National Apartment Association credential courses for the NALP, CAM, and CAPS series, as well as core courses for the Texas Real Estate Commission.


How to Use Empathy and Role-Playing to Build Your De-Escalation and Interpersonal Toolbox


You’re Here, You’re There, You Can't Be Everywhere! Motivating and Engaging Your Remote Teams


Renewing Our Vows of Commitment for Customers for Life!


From "Self-ies" to "Us-ies”! 10 Sure Fire Tips to Amazing Customer Service


How to Deal with Difficult People. So Many People, So Little Time!


Top 10 Sure Fire Tips to Amazing Customer Service


Valerie M. Sargent

Valerie M. Sargent Valerie M. Sargent is President of Yvette Poole & Associates. A skilled Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, EQ Executive Trainer/Coach and Real Estate Investment Team Leader, Valerie specializes in Leasing, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Leadership. Her Level 1&2 TalentSmart Emotional Intelligence certification has her taking companies’ teamwork and communication to inspiring new levels. After over 25 years in the multifamily industry, this expert knows how to bring vitality to individuals and organizations! Find her at and


Skyrocket Your Leases & Sales with Emotional Intelligence

Building a Better Culture - Why Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Win

From Difficult Employees to Irate Residents, How Emotional Intelligence Can Defuse Office Explosions


Anissa Faus

Anissa Faus is a highly regarded multi-family leader with expertise in training, coaching, advising, asset management, and team collaboration. A noted educator with astute interpersonal and communication skills, her calling is driving advocacy, transparency and synchronized learning transfer. She has spoken at such events as NMHC OpTech, AAMD and is a published author and recipient of several awards including “Most Outstanding Training Professional”, “Competent Toastmaster/Leader”, and “The John Maxwell Team”. Anissa enjoys training and competing as a black belt in martial arts. She lives in the gorgeous state of CO, loving and living an adventurous life with her husband, two boys and Labradesian, Scout.


What A Gen Wants: Specific Messaging that Resonates With Each Generation


Jennifer Staciokas

Ms. Staciokas is responsible for the national strategy and oversight of the Corporate Marketing, Property Marketing and Training departments for the Pinnacle portfolio. Jennifer began her career in the multifamily industry over 20 years ago. Since that time, Ms. Staciokas has served in numerous capacities at two of the nation’s largest property management firms focusing on new construction marketing, digital marketing strategies, employee development and corporate communications. Ms. Staciokas holds a B.A. in French from West Chester University and an M.A. in International Commerce & Policy from George Mason University. Jennifer is a regular guest speaker, facilitator, and moderator at many of the industry’s most renowned conferences as well as an active participant in NAA and NMHC.


Information Overload: The High Cost of Office Chaos

Top 10 New Year's Resolutions Every Multifamily Marketer Should Make


Virginia Love

Virginia began her multifamily career over 25 years ago as a leasing consultant for Trammell Crow Residential Services. Throughout the years, she advanced her career, focusing on training, marketing and operations for outstanding companies such as Summit Properties, Watermarke Companies, and ING Clarion. Love most recently served twelve years as VP, Leasing and Marketing for Waterton, a property management and real estate investment firm with an emphasis in value add out of Chicago, IL. In 2019, Ms. Love joined Entrata, the multifamily industry’s most comprehensive technology provider as Industry Principal on the organizations executive team. In her role at Entrata, Virginia is directly involved with marketing, product and sales as an industry liaison to advance growth and innovation strategies at Entrata. Love has presented countless leasing, marketing and operational speaking engagements, training sessions, industry conferences and events including Multifamily Social Media Summit, Apartment Internet Marketing (AIM) Conference, NMHC Apartment Operations & Technology Conference, National Apartment Association Education Conference (NAA), Multifamily Executive Conference, and Entrata Summit.


Information Overload: The High Cost of Office Chaos


Debbie Phillips

Debbie Phillips is an entrepreneur and real estate professional with over 30 years of industry experience. Debbie has a multi-faceted career managing diverse real estate assets including developing world-class leadership development programs and talent management strategies. Debbie believes in the philosophy, "you can dream, build and create the most beautiful place in the world, but it takes PEOPLE to make the dream a reality." Debbie’s mission is developing top tier talent that adds value to an organization through increased employee engagement.


Engaging Teams in a Virtual World

Information Overload: The High Cost of Office Chaos


Vicki Sharp

After serving an initial enlistment in the US Army, Vicki began her 40 + year career in Property Management. From Leasing Agent, to Community Manager, to Regional Manager to Vice President, Vicki has truly “walked the walk” of property management, handling a portfolio of up to 15,000 units. Vicki has worked for several property management companies, both privately held and REIT portfolios. Because of her history as an Army Veteran, she was recruited, and worked for 8 years in the Privatized Military Housing niche of the industry. As the National Director of Training for Balfour Beatty Communities, Vicki was responsible to create and present all training activities for housing at 47 military installations across the United States. Today, Vicki travels about 300 days a year, bringing training and consulting services to apartment associations, and property owners all across the country.


Mastering Maintenance: What Maintenance Teams Need to Know About Fair Housing


Doug Chasick

Doug Chasick is “That Fair Housing Guy”, restoring rental health to multifamily professionals. With 37 years of investment real estate experience, he began as the Resident Manager of a 524-unit apartment property, and has been the President or CEO of five real estate companies, responsible for portfolios of over 28,000 apartments, and more than 8 million square feet of commercial, retail and industrial properties. A nationally recognized speaker and author, Doug was awarded his CPM® in 1979 and was a member of the IREM National Faculty for eight years. He is a Senior Instructor member of the NAAEI Faculty, leading the Advanced Instructor Training course and NAAEI designation courses. A licensed Real Estate Broker in Florida and Georgia, he is also a licensed Expert Fair Housing Instructor in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the recipient of the 2010 NAAEI Apartment Career & Education (ACE) award and the 2010 Legends of the Industry award from Multifamily Professional and the Annual Brainstorming Sessions.


Fair Housing Ain't Fair - It's EQUAL! 2021 Edition


Fair Housing Ain't Fair - It's EQUAL! 2020 Edition


Fair Housing Ain't Fair - It's EQUAL! 2019 Edition


Fair Housing Ain’t Fair – It’s Equal, 2018 Edition


Fair Housing Ain’t Fair – It’s Equal, 2017 Edition


It's a Zoo Out There! New Rules About Assist Animals

Mastering Maintenance: Seven Fair Housing Pitfalls Your Service Team Must Avoid


Leah Brewer

Leah Brewer, NALP, CAM, also known as The Leasing Queen, has developed effective methods to increase apartment occupancies in her 30+ industry years, from a leasing consultant to a consultant for leasing. With battlefield experience in management, leadership and increasing occupancy and income, Leah ensures that the skills she teaches have been tested and tried first-hand. Her humor, passionate presentations and learning activities inspire attendees to learn, believe, retain and implement successful new ideas. Leah is Faculty of the NAAEI and a frequent presenter at the annual NAA Conference. She is the founder of the original Full House Marketing®, and a partner in and the ApartMentors Talent Development group.


Say YES to the Address


Don't Call Me The "B" Word: The Loss of the Boss and the Love of the Leader


Superhero Secrets: The Art of Recruiting and Retaining Action Staff


Terri Norvell

Terri Norvell is a change agent, trusted leader and business advisor for the multifamily industry.With more than 25 years experience in up-and-down market cycles, Terri excels at helping people breakthrough challenges and deliver results. Over 900 coaching clients have results that prove it. Her executive leadership includes VP of Training & Marketing with a $1.2B property management & development company and GM of a 5 state $9M temporary housing firm. Terri is a keynote presenter, culture builder, performance coach and author. She's earned the designation of 'Growth Curve Specialist’ and awarded the AAMD Supplier Sales Professional ‘Tribute of the Industry’.


We are Drowning from Change! Is the Pace of New Initiatives, New Software, and New Policy Changes Leaving You and Your Team Overwhelmed?


Leadership Essentials: Help me understand how my team members think!


Mastering Maintenance: Accountability is Motivational - Leading your Maintenance Team with Accountability for Results


Leadership Essentials: My team knows what to do. They just aren’t doing it!



Anne Sadovsky

Anne Sadovsky has been in the industry five decades and is a former V P of Marketing and Education for Lincoln Property Company. She is a contributing writer for many publications and is often quoted in articles pertaining to the apartment industry. She was named one of the top trainers in the industry by MultiHousing News and both the Brainstorming Conference and the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas have honored Anne with Legends Awards. She has flown over three million miles sharing her knowledge and wit, and her success story has been featured in many national magazines including Money, Texas Business and Ladies Home Journal. Clients choose Anne because she is multifaceted, offers many topics, shares skills and tools that are life changing, common sense, fun but no nonsense and that increase NOI. Her fair housing training shares knowledge and critical information in an interesting and entertaining manner.


What's New in Fair Housing


Mastering Maintenance: Your Service Techs Are Your Front Line for Customer Service


Everything You Need to Know About Fair Housing!


Between a Rock and Hard Place; Fair Housing Questions with Challenging Answers


Will it be You Who Gets the Owner Sued? What You Have to Know About Fair Housing Rulings


Overcoming Objections to Rent Increases


Hot Fair Housing Trends That Create Burning Questions

Fair Housing Myths and Truths… Dispelling Rumors, Gossip, and Misunderstandings!

Judi Holler

Judi Holler owns a creative company that uses humor to help people live braver lives, protect their mental health, and build high-performance habits that last. Her work takes the experimental principles of the improv theatre and helps you apply them to the unscripted stage of everyday life. These ideas will teach you that while you’ll never be “fearless” … you can get really good at … FEARING FEAR LESS! Judi is a professionally trained improviser and alumni of Second City’s Conservatory in Chicago and she uses her training every day to smash self-doubt and experiment with fear. Judi’s book, Fear Is My Homeboy, became an instant bestseller on Amazon, and was endorsed by the inspiring Mel Robbins calling it …. “relatable, relevant and most importantly ACTIONABLE!” Additionally, Judi is the creator of the Fear Boss Community, The Vibe and Thrive goal-focused planner, and her top-rated podcast “Yes, And” which are all on a mission to help you fear LESS so you can DO more. Judi likes her books non-digital, her wine bubbly, and her music hip-hop. Judi’s Mission: To help you get more comfortable being uncomfortable. Judi’s Vision: A world so brave that fear is no longer the enemy, comfort is! Learn more by visiting


KEYNOTE: Balanced By Design: Why "Crazy Busy" Isn't Sustainable

Kelly McDonald

Kelly McDonald is a marketing and advertising specialist and considered one of the nation’s top experts in consumer trends, generational differences and leveraging the customer experience. She is the founder of McDonald Marketing, which has twice been named one of the “Top Ad Agencies in the U.S.” by Advertising Age magazine and ranked as one of the fastest-growing independently-owned companies in the U.S. by Inc. Magazine. Kelly is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She now lives in Denver, Colorado. When she’s not speaking and traveling for business, she enjoys hiking in the mountains and being outside. And shopping for high heels.


KEYNOTE: How to Step Up & Lead in a Crisis


Kristi Fickert

Kristi Fickert is the Vice President of Enterprise Growth at Realync, where she helps marketers amplify their brand through video and virtual experiences. She has held roles in leasing, training, recruitment, sales and marketing. Kristi has a knack for applying innovative technology to multifamily marketing, without losing the personal touch that the industry was built upon. She has a proven background in employee development and has mentored hundreds of associates to success. She instructs for apartment associations across the country, has presented for Multifamily Insiders, the Apartment Innovation and Marketing Conference, NAA, Urban Land Institute and Commercial Real Estate Women. In addition, she has been featured in Units Magazine and is an elected City Councilwoman in her hometown of Wilmington, Ohio


Sales Psychology: Inspiring Prospects To Take Action Without Offering Free Rent


From Leasing to Leadership: Creating a Path to Career Success


Digital Marketing Made Simple: 60 Minute Guide for Beginners


Selling via Social: 30 quick ways to increase sales, retain more clients, and market via social media

Outreach and Partnership Marketing in the Digital Era: Ideas, tips & tricks to help you better maximize your outreach marketing efforts

Donald Davidoff

Donald Davidoff is an industry thought leader in pricing, marketing and technology. As founder of D2 Demand Solutions, he consults with leading multi-family operators and technology companies. He was Executive Vice President, Pricing and Marketing, at Holiday Retirement and Senior Vice President, Strategic Systems for Archstone, where his teams were directly responsible for pricing and revenue management, Archstone’s entire marketing platform, market research and a variety of business process and workflow projects.


The Job of Leasing is Changing! How Self-Guided Tours, Smart Home Solutions, and AI Technology Will Change Your Job, Whether Your Community Adopts Them Or Not


10 Best Hacks from 30 Years in Sales and Marketing


Past Peak Rent Growth: 7 Strategies Guaranteed to Improve Leasing Results


So You Thought Closing Was Easy?


7 Ways Guaranteed to Improve Your Sales Performance

Overcoming the 13 Most Common Objections at Renewal Time


Mary Gwyn

Mary Gwyn, CPM, is Chief Innovator of Apartment Dynamics, with over 20 years in the Multifamily Industry. She consults and trains for companies all over the country, utilizing her marketing and operating strategies on our own portfolio to produce unsurpassed results. Her hands-on approach to multifamily paired with her industry foresight and tenacity helps her develop and implement innovative solutions, and web and in-person training programs, all designed to achieve a property’s maximum financial performance. She is a regular speaker at industry events including NAA, company annual meetings, Realtors and Apartment Associations, and writes for trade publications, including UNITS Magazine,, and the Apartment Dynamics blog. Learn more at!


Fabulous, Fanatical Follow Up!


WHAT'S YOUR SPECIAL? Managing the Concession Obsession


Lessons In Excellence From Your Maintenance Team For the Entire Company


Press The Easy Button! Creating a Culture of Customer Service

15 Things Your Service Team Wishes You Knew About Apartment Maintenance


Lori Valenti Webb

Lori is Owner and CMO of Property Playbook; a marketing consulting company. She has been in the Multifamily Industry for over 10 years and has overseen over 90+ lease ups and hundreds of stabilized projects as a Director of Marketing for great companies including Wood Partners, Riverstone and LMC. She is a regular speaker at Industry conferences- AIM, NMHC, NAA and Apartment Association Education Sessions. She is exceptionally passionate in trends that will innovate and pioneer our Industry forward. She is a guest writer and blogger for Multifamily Insiders, and Apartminty and has been highlighted in Units Magazine and Apartment Therapy for onsite achievements. Lori holds a NC Broker In Charge license. She and her husband own Kivett Station, a 48 bed townhome community at Campbell University; Spiaggia Beach House and over 16 Single Family Homes. She and her husband were featured on HGTV following their Spiaggia Beach Renovation. She is a proud member of the National Association for Professional Women and is on the Board of Directors with the TAA New Lease on Life Program. Lori is an Advisory Board Member of the Multifamily Innovation Confernce- Atlanata (MICA)


Rock your 2022 with this Marketing and Leasing Power-Round of Ideas


Marketing and Leasing Power-Round of Ideas


Powerhouse Round of Marketing Ideas


Sales Psychology Hacker Class


Leasing Rescue! Positioning Your Property for Ultimate Success!

Jamin Harkness

Jamin currently serves as Executive Vice President/Partner. In this capacity he oversees the day-to-day operations of The Management Group LLC portfolio of properties. Prior to joining The Management Group LLC, Mr. Harkness was Vice President at Wesley Apartment Homes. Before working at Wesley Apartment Homes, Mr. Harkness worked as Senior Vice President of Property Operations for a Florida based management company with 18,000 units throughout the United States. Mr. Harkness worked previously with Wesley Apartment Homes in the roles of Area Manager and Marketing Director where he oversaw the operations of existing communities and development lease-ups.


Leveraging Virtual and Self-Guided Tours to Close More Leases


Steve Matre

Steve Matre is Vice President of training, marketing, and strategic support for the Mandel Group, property managers, owners, and developers in Milwaukee, WI, operating in five states. He leads the team learning and development and property marketing efforts. Prior to this, he has made stops at two other national property management companies and held titles including assistant controller, senior regional manager, Vice President of operations, Head of HR, and Director of Training, Marketing, and Revenue Management. Steve gives back through work on committees and boards for his local apartment association, the National Apartment Association, and IREM, as well as serving as an informational source, writer, and speaker whenever he can. A graduate with degrees in Finance and English from the University of Wisconsin, Steve is a CPA, CPM, PHR, and holds several affordable housing designations. If he’s not answering his phone, he’s either holed up with a good book, listening to a favorite podcast, out for a run, or obsessing over a college football game.


Simple Adjustments for a Sizzling Summer

The Manager's Role in Employee Engagement - 20 Simple Ways to Motivate and Reward


Megan Orser

Smart Chick Megan is a member of a solutions driven firm Smart Apartment Solutions. As a national speaker, Megan is frequently requested for the solutions based approach to everything Multifamily. Built on the foundation of “in the trenches” experiences that hundreds have related to, Smart’s approach makes sessions fun and relatable. Megan has presented for NAA, Multi-Family Brainstorming, and IREM Conferences and along with her team, has authored articles for JPM and UNITS magazine.


Outreach Ideas for Smart Marketers

That Vacant Unit is Bleeding Money – Decrease Your Turn Times With These Tested Techniques

Do you speak Manager?

SMARketing- Low Cost, No Cost Marketing Strategies


Chad Moulin

Chad Moulin has been in the field of property management for over 20 years. Chad has earned his CAMT designation through NAA as well as being recognized many times over as a leader in property management maintenance. Some of his accomplishments include: Being a faculty member of the NAAEI. Advanced Instructor Training through NAAEI. Instructor for the NSPF (National Swimming Pool Foundation). Authorized OSHA Safety Instructor. A member of AIME (Apartment Institute for Maintenance Excellence). AAKC Crystal Merit Award winner. Lincoln Property Company Gold Medallion Award winner. Grace Hill Maintenance Rock Star Award winner. As well as several others. Starting out as a groundskeeper and working his way up through the ranks of property management Chad has held and excelled at many different positions. From grounds keeper, maintenance tech, leasing professional, maintenance supervisor, construction supervisor and national maintenance trainer. Chad has also worked on almost every type of property and dealt with every type of resident imaginable. Luxury apartments, senior living, section 8 and 42 properties, hotels, commercial, apartment buildings, houses, hi-rise, town homes, new construction, historic, rehabs, acquisitions. Chad has seen and done it all!


Mastering Maintenance: TOP 5 Areas of Maintenance Time Management Improvement


Mastering Maintenance: Inefficiencies Don’t Just Waste Your Maintenance Team’s Time, They Waste Your Money, Too


Mastering Maintenance: Maintenance Decoded


Mastering Maintenance: Conquering On-Call

Mastering Maintenance: The How's and Why's of Preventative Maintenance

Mastering Maintenance: 8 Core Essentials to Property Maintenance Management

Mastering Maintenance: The Nuts and Bolts of Dollars and Sense


Angel Davila

Angel Davila began working as a porter 10+ years ago after returning from deployment in the USMC & is now the National Maintenance Trainer at Monarch Investment & Management Group; a Colorado based company that operates in 20 states. Mr. Davila is a former AAA Board of Directors/AAA Education Foundation board member, was awarded as the 2018 Texas Apartment Association Maintenance Professional of the year and is an; NAAEI Advance Instructor Graduate, AAA Lyceum Graduate, NAAEI Leadership Experience Graduate, CAMT, CAPS, NAAEI Faculty, CPO, NAAEI William Wollinger Scholarship recipient, AAA Solt Scholarship recipient, and TAA Next Gen Scholarship recipient. Davila also instructs seminars for the following organizations: Goodwill Career& Technical Academy, Austin Community College, Austin Apartment Association, Texas Apartment Association, Refrigeration Services Engineering Society, Esco Institute & the North American Technician Excellence.


Mastering Maintenance: Keep Your Pool Safe, Clean, and Running All Summer Long

Mastering Maintenance: COVID-19 Pandemic Plan for Maintenance

Mastering Maintenance: Gas Leaks, Fires, Floods, and Active Shooter Situations - Creating an Emergency Response Plan For Property Managers

Mastering Maintenance: It's Better to Prepare and Prevent; Than to Repair and Repent

Mastering Maintenance: 2020 The Phase Out of R22 & What That Means For You.


Zach Howell

Zach Howell is a graduate from Oregon State University. Zach has overseen numerous renovation projects acting as the Owner's Representative within the multifamily housing industry. His background includes owning and operating a construction firm, Property Preservation Director for the two largest multi-family management companies in Oregon, and running a national training institution for the multifamily housing industry. He is a subject matter expert for the National Apartment Association, Uniform Physical Condition Standards Inspector, and LEED Certified.


Your Maintenance Team is Relying on YOU for Their Efficiency!

Mastering Maintenance: Understanding Your Building’s Exterior – The First Line of Defense for Your Property

Mastering Maintenance: Managing Mold and Mildew


Gary Gregory

The most valuable asset for a company is a Transformational Leader. Gary is on a mission to create and support Transformational Leadership through establishing principles, following a leadership process and creating a goal support system. The world has enough transactional leaders - let’s think, speak and act better! Gary has discovered Transformational Leadership through his journey as a leader in the student housing and multifamily industry for over 20 years; community servant leader; multi best-selling author and former sponsored triathlete and personal trainer.

Author of three books: Living Beyond Purpose: Stories that Inspire, The SUPERFANTASTIC Principles: Becoming a Salt of the Earth Person, The SUPERFANTASTIC Process: Becoming a Salt of the Earth Leader. Visit Gary's website for resources, featured conversations and services. Get ready to create your SUPERFANTASTIC!


3 Points of Customer Feedback: The Best Bad News Ever

Creating the Ultimate Closing Strategy for 2021


Alexandra Jackiw

Alexandra Jackiw is President of Milhaus Management, where she leads the property operations and asset management functions for the Milhaus portfolio and select third-party clients. She is a nationally recognized speaker and an accomplished expert in all aspects of property management, marketing, and training, with extensive experience managing all types of assets. Alex was Chairman of the Board of the National Apartment Association in 2013 and also served as President of the NAA Education Institute in 2008 and 2009. She graduated from the University of Rochester with a B.A. in Chemistry and received her M. Ed. from Ohio University.


Financial Boot Camp – Empowering On-Site Teams to Drive Revenue and Profitability Through Financial Knowledge

The True Cost of Bad Customer Service

Success in Your Career is More Than Just Being Polite


Paul Rhodes

Paul has been melding customer service and problem solving his entire career. His history includes teaching First Aid and CPR for the Red Cross, and training Store managers for a small bookstore chain. He has spent the past 26 years working in the apartment industry. Starting as a Grounds Technician and moving through positions that include Pool Remodeling Technician and Maintenance Supervisor, Paul’s combined love of talking and providing answers found him leading a team of National Trainers for a supplier and eventually becoming the National Instructor for the National Apartment Association Education Institute. After 15 years of travel, providing maintenance related information to thousands, Paul has returned to leading on-site teams as the Director of Maintenance for The Life Properties.


Mastering Maintenance: From Diagnosis to Repair - Maintenance Questions That Matter

Mastering Maintenance: Don't Get Hot About staying Cool!


Jen Piccotti

Jen Piccotti loves discovering the story that data tells. As the Chief Learning Officer of Swift Bunny, she loves sharing her unique and actionable insights on the latest trends in employee engagement, customer satisfaction, organizational communication, process improvement, and reputation management. Join Jen as she serves up the latest “What” with a delicious side of “Why” and “How.”


A Disengaged Employee Costs What? Connecting the Dots between Employee Success and Your Financial Performance.

Avoid Employee Churn and Burn: How to Keep Your Communities Staffed and Successful

Voice of the Employee - Listening Before They Leave


Maria Pietroforte

Maria Pietroforte is NOT your average Multifamily President and Executive. She is “authentically herself” whether riding her Fat Boy Harley Davidson, cuddling with her 3 dogs, cat & exotic reptiles or leading teams towards a common goal across the nation. She is known in the industry as a repositioning and brand identity expert with a contagious energy. As a Consultant, Speaker and Mentor – Maria infuses positive passion and innovation into everything she does. She thrives on helping teams & companies generate results with creative and collaborative solutions.


Staging For Virtual, Self-Guided, & In Person Tours


Michelle Wood

As the Vice President of Marketing and Engagement at Aeris Properties, Michelle oversees the firm's strategic marketing programs in addition to all employee engagement & training efforts. She brings more than 18 years of marketing and property management experience to her role. Prior to joining Aeris Properties, Michelle led a team that was responsible for the creation and implementation of marketing strategies for 13,000 units that spanned 45 properties in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Texas. Michelle is a volunteer with the South East Florida Apartment Association and is an active member of the education committee. In 2018 Michelle was named as one of DMN’s 40 under 40 Marketing honorees. Outside of work, Michelle enjoys riding her Peloton and spending time with her husband and son.


Simple Adjustments for a Sizzling Summer

Katie Rigsby

Katie Rigsby is the President and CEO of Katie Rigsby Inspires, she provides multifamily consulting services, keynote speeches, corporate training, and facilitation services for organizations nationwide. Her career in multifamily began in 2000 as a Leasing Consultant. Throughout her career, she has worked onsite and in the trenches as a Property Manager, multi-site supervisor, educator/trainer, marketing director and as a senior executive. Katie has a passion for helping people find their own paths to success and serves on the faculty of NAAEI as an Advanced Facilitator.


When “CALM DOWN!” Doesn’t Cut It: How to De-escalate Conflict and Keep Your Cool

John Schojan

John Schojan is the Director of Maintenance for Bonaventure Property Management. John has worked in the Multifamily industry for over 30 years, serving as a groundsman, and working his way through the ranks to his present position. He believes that hard work, determination, training,organization, and communication, are the keys to building a successful Property Maintenance Team. Outside of work, John enjoys spending time with his family, camping, and fishing.


Mastering Maintenance: Save Time and Resources by Empowering Residents to Tackle Simple Work Orders

Chad Christian

Chad Christian is the Senior Vice President of Property Management for Monument Property Management based in Houston, Texas. Chad is actively involved in the local, state, and national apartment associations. Chad holds his CAM and CAPS credentials as well as being a member of the prestigious NAAEI Faculty. Chad has instructed NALP, CAM, and CAPS credential courses throughout the country and is a two time NAA Award recipient having won the Paragon Award in 2015, and an Excellence award in 2016


The Customer is Always Right .... Wrong!


Lori Snider

Lori Snider is a mental health advocate, and leading multifamily marketing, learning and experience expert, currently serving as head of Learning and Team Experience for RedPeak, providing strategic educational and recruitment direction for the entire company, and overseeing all facets of the team member experience. In her 30 years of multifamily experience Lori spent 15 years running her own successful company as an educator, platform speaker and experience management consultant. She has leased apartments, worked as a marketing director, launched a rental publication, co-founded a boutique marketing and design firm, and executed marketing strategies for a myriad of product types throughout the country.


Hide the Cell Phone! Re-Learning to Communicate in the Mobile Device Age


The Power of Empathy - Tapping into the Heart of Sales and Service


In Sales, Confidence is Sexy. 7 Ways to Boost Yours!


Dawn Ford

National Speaker Smart Girl Dawn Ford, one half of the Smart Girls team of Smart Apartment Solutions brings a plethora of experience to all things multifamily. In her 38 years of apartment management experience, from cleaning person to Vice-President, affordable to lease-up, active in NAA and IREM, Dawn holds the CPM designation. Smart’s curriculum delivers practical operations and marketing tips enhanced with Dawn’s varied experiences that will inspire, ignite and inform.


SMARketing- Low Cost, No Cost Marketing Strategies


Mark Cukro

Mark is the President of Plus One Consulting, Inc. and founder of Service Team Mark is a national speaker and a leading resource in the field of service team development and training. Prior to Starting his own company he was the Director of Service Team Development for Colonial Properties Trust, Inc, a New York Stock Exchange traded company with 148 properties and over 48,000 apartment homes. His certifications include, CAPS, CAMT I, CAMTII, CPO, CPO Instructor with the National Swimming Pool Foundation, EPA proctor for the 608, 609, and R-410a certifications as well as all HVAC Excellence courses. Mark is also a NAAEI Instructor and worked on the development of the new CAMT program. On a personal note, Mark is a Jiu Jitsu Coach and owns and operates a Martial Arts Academy in Harrisburg, NC.


Critical Lessons for the Office Team to Avoid Maintenance Misfires

Mastering Maintenance: Leadership Training for Service Managers

Mastering Maintenance: Safety for Maintenance

Wesley Aleshire

Wesley has worked within the property management industry for over 20-years starting as a part-time leasing professional in 1997. Since then, Wesley has stayed involved in this industry with roles such as: Regional Manager, National Trouble-Shooter, Director of Contract Acquisitions and Regional Training Manager. Wesley launched to bring online learning, live training and digital development services together for the property management industry in 2016.


Avoiding Biases and Stereotypes in a Diverse Workplace


Stephanie Loyd

Stephanie Loyd CAM, CAS, NAAEI is known as refreshing and insightful. She is the Business Development and Marketing Manager of Full House Marketing, Inc. She has been a leasing creative for over 12 years. Her proven on-site experience coupled with her corporate marketing and training success make Stephanie an ideal facilitator and training professional. She is an active participant in various local and state associations, with service on multiple committees, along with being the immediate past chair of the NAA NextGen committee. Stephanie completed the National Apartment Association’s Facilitator Training and is a faculty member of the Education Institute. She is a NALP and CAM instructor, along with presenting at the AANC Education Conference, VAMA Education Conference, El Paso Education Conference, and Apartmentalize (NAA Education Conference). She is a NAA Leadership Lyceum graduate and the inaugural recipient of the NAA Rising Star Award.


Tips and Tricks for Effective Outreach Marketing


Steve Wunch

Steve Wunch is an Account Executive for Knock, a SaaS technology platform that provides the productivity and business intelligence solutions needed to maximize occupancy, rent growth, and customer satisfaction for multifamily communities across the nation.  Steve is also a professional facilitator in leadership, sales and customer service. He is a national speaker, and freelance consultant who has worked with multifamily companies to enhance, improve, and train organizations to improve performance. Through engaging, well-facilitated workshops and keynote presentations, and by offering prescriptive performance support, he is impacting success -- he’s having fun doing it, and so are his clients!  He began his career in multifamily over 25 years ago as a leasing consultant, assistant manager, community manager, and since has been in several training and support roles.  Steve holds a certificate from the Center for Creative Leadership, is a DDI (Developmental Dimensions International) Certified Facilitator, and an MBTI Type I & II Certified Practitioner.


We are Drowning from Change! Is the Pace of New Initiatives, New Software, and New Policy Changes Leaving You and Your Team Overwhelmed?


Mindy McCorkle

Mindy McCorkle has 30+ years of leadership experience in restaurant operations and property management. She has won too many awards for her leadership and contributions to list, and she doesn’t really like talking about them anyway. Mindy jumped from executive leadership to business ownership in 2013 when she founded Enhancement Talent Development, LLC. Talent identification and development is her gift and she gladly shares that gift through her work. She provides customized training, workshops, keynotes, curriculum development, coaching, and consulting services, focusing on identifying and aligning talent, and helping individuals reach their professional and personal goals. She brings a unique authenticity to every presentation and shares transformational insight from her experience. She’s not just a speaker and trainer; she’s a game changer! And she’s facilitated exceptional learning experiences for more than 20 years.


8 Free and Inexpensive Strategies to Enhance the Resident Experience


Deanna Jackson

Deanna Jackson has worked in the multifamily industry since 2006 with experience in lease ups & rehabs at a variety of communities from urban to suburban, high/mid-rise & garden style with retail, HOAs and more. Recently, she worked as a National Trainer at Simpson Property Group, using her vast industry knowledge to help hone the skills of their on-site teams all around the US. Her passion is helping employees make the best decisions for both the customer and the bottom line, and she loves the “light bulb” moment when great ideas are shared and learned.


Identifying Prospect Needs - Leave the Crutch of your Availability Behind!


Jeffrey Butcher

Jeffrey has been in the multi-family industry for over 17 years. He has the unique experience of working on-site & at a corporate level within various property management companies AND working on the “vendor side” of our industry. Currently Jeffrey serves as the National Leasing Director for JLB Partners. Jeffrey specializes in coaching property management professionals in developing relationships with the client that is both engaging and unique. His degree in Theater & Film provided groundwork for being a motivating, encouraging and highly engaging trainer.


Secure the Appointment! Telephone Techniques That Sell


Larry Johnson

Larry loves writing for, and speaking to managers. Larry has worked with clients like Harley-Davidson Motor Company, American Express, Nordstrom Department Stores, Southwest Airlines, Federal Express, the US Navy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. He is co-author of “Absolute Honesty: Building a Corporate Culture That Values Straight Talk and Rewards Integrity,” published in 2003 by the American Management Association, which now in its sixth printing! Larry has also been the owner of the Johnson Training Group for 32 years!


How To Cultivate Employee Accountability


Mastering the Leap to Management: Skills for new team leaders, supervisors, and managers



Brett Murphy

Brett has been in property management for six years and has grown to appreciate the industry and the daily opportunities it offers to enhance people’s lives. Brett’s definitive goal has always been to leave a lasting effect on the industry. As of July 2016, Brett has successfully leased up three Wood Partners assets, and subsequently, sales and customer service have always been his areas of focus.


Sales Psychology Hacker Class


Mia Wentworth

Mia Wentworth has over 10 years of experience in marketing and operations within the multifamily industry. In her current role with CWS Apartment Homes, she oversees all things in the Digital Marketing space including websites and digital ad presentation, social media and reputation management. She loves testing new marketing ideas, mentoring her team, and working with others to solve problems. Mia has a BBA from the University of Michigan, and an MBA from the University of Colorado.


Digital Marketing Must-Haves: Leasing in a Virtual World


30 Days To A Better Online Rep



Kimberly Pung

Master Connection Associates, (MCA) is a premier international consulting and training firm specializing in customer service, sales, and leadership. In addition to being a lead facilitator, Kimberly oversees the training and design team, keeping us at the forefront of industry trends. Kimberly has a passion for service and leadership excellence and this comes through in her energy and presentation style. Prior to joining MCA, Kimberly was Director of Training for Pebble Beach Resorts. In that role, she managed all training and organizational development, which included three hotels, five golf courses and a spa. Kimberly’s coaching skills and enthusiasm promotes open communication and active participation in her workshops. She works with customers in sales, customer service and leadership training.


Leading Your Team to Excellence


Jessica Fern

Jessica Fern is the Director of Training and Development for FPI Management, and national keynote leadership and development speaker for the MultiFamily Housing Industry. Jessica has 11 years of multifamily housing experience and has a passion of innovating change. Jessica has been seen on the NAA stage in 2019, was a keynote speaker for the 2019 Grace Hill Vision Conference, a speaker at the 2019 Zillow Conference, and has multiple full studio shows available on the MultiFamily Leadership Studio's platform who has given Jessica the name the "The Wolf of Leadership"


Can Two People See Things Differently and BOTH be right? Conflict Resolution Skills All Teams Should Have

Rick Ellis

Rick Ellis, CPM is a 59-year-old teenager and has been intimately involved in the apartment business for over 34 years.  Starting as an onsite assistant manager and leasing consultant, Rick directed a fast growing apartment portfolio from two properties in the Dallas area to over 6000 units in three states.  Additionally, he has had 10 years national training and marketing director for a major REIT with 39,000 units on 189 properties.  In 1984, he founded ELLIS Consulting Group in Irving, Texas.  Now the name ELLIS has become synonymous with the finest market consulting, training, and contract leasing to the multi-family industry.


"PUMP Up" Your Leasing Efforts


Followership: How Dynamic and Trustworthy Followers Create Successful and Effective Leaders



Lisa Russell

With 30 years of industry experience, Ms. Russell has managed new construction, multi-family housing, student housing and asset management in ten states. Her diverse experience in various markets positions Lisa to tailor strategies for the unique needs of clients, helping them to maximize their financial goals. Lisa joins Ardmore from Texas, where she graduated from the University of Houston. She is a Certified Apartment Property Supervisor and was honored as a Texas Apartment Association Lyceum Graduate.


Mastering Maintenance: How To Use Your Grit and Determination to be an Effective Leader

Lia Nicole Smith

Lia Nichole Smith is the VP of Education and Performance for ApartmentRatings and SatisFacts. She began her career as a trainer for Nextel, responsible for training over 1,000 Customer Care Representatives for the 1996 Summer Olympics. Lia then transitioned to property management as a Leasing Associate with Lincoln Property Company, and steadily moved up the ranks. She was able to merge the worlds of training and property management as the Director of Training and Marketing at SPM, a 14,000+ unit portfolio. While with SPM, Lia developed and managed SPM’s resident feedback program, and was responsible for building their online learning academy. She has proven experience in solving training and resident retention challenges for market, affordable, senior, tax credit and student communities. A published author, Lia is an active member of the Atlanta Apartment Association’s Education Committee and has presented at key industry events such as NAA and NAAEI’s Affiliate Education Conference.


Rent, Renew, and Recommend: One Size Does Not Fit All!


Laurel Zacher

Laurel is a marketing strategist, with 20 years of multifamily sales, marketing and media experience, and is the head of Marketing for Security Properties Residential. With a drive to refine the customer experience, she is a frequent guest lecturer/speaker on multifamily marketing strategy, online reputation management and customer service at national and regional trade conferences. She is currently leading SPR through a corporate rebranding initiative, including integration with their parent company, marketing and attribution systems, full site redesign, and paperless payments.


Free and Inexpensive Marketing Tools You Can Use To Entice Your Prospects


Traci Brown

She’s told the world what they’re not saying. NBC, CBS and Fox has asked this body language expert to reveal secrets hidden in plain sight. And she can help your team reveal the secrets your clients are keeping from you that are impacting your bottom line. Traci has even adapted the skills to talk herself out of an embarrassing number of traffic tickets and into lucrative deals. She’ll teach you how to do it, too! Traci’s system landed her a lucrative product deal with Kevin Harrington, a Shark from ABC’s hit show Shark Tank and took her on a wild ride to the big time consumer markets of TV shopping channels, infomercials and beyond. THE SUCCESS FORMULA Hear “Yes!” more easily…and more often. High Performance Persuasion to Get Sharks Swimming for You Want to know what it take s to ge t a de al with a Shark from ABC’s hit show Shark Tank? She is the president of the National Speaker’s Association Denver Chapter and the author of three books, Persuasion Point, Body Language Confidential and Body Language for Profits. She holds a business degree from the University of Colorado and is a certified master practitioner of Neuro Linguistics, Hypnosis and Hawaiian Huna. In her fast paced, interactive programs that are sure to entertain, Traci teaches high performance persuasion that worked to get the deal with her Shark. You’ll be able to immediately use the same tools to create more success in your own organization and personal life…so you see more zeroes (before the decimal) in your bank account.


Body Language Confidential: Tactics Secret Agents, Leasing Pros, and Kindergarten Teachers Should Know


Heather Blume

Heather Blume has a contagious energy and passion that goes to the heart of the multifamily industry. Her work on site, combined with her work as a vendor, give Heather a unique perspective that allows her to enable those around her to find their own success. Currently, Heather is the Imagination In Charge of Behind the Leasing Desk Training and Consulting Services, a training and consulting firm out of the Seattle area that specializes in meeting the specific needs of multifamily clients who may be experiencing challenges in different facets of the property management world. She is an accomplished national speaker and trainer, and her blog posts, podcasts, and articles are visited by thousands of apartment professionals each month. Her work has been seen in industry publications across the country, including UNITS Magazine. Besides holding her CAS designation, Heather is NAA Advanced Instructor trained and has been a member of the NAAEI Faculty since 2009, as well as a Washington Multi-Family Housing Association NALP and CAM instructor. Heather's blog, Behind the Leasing Desk, shares her ideas on everything in her corner of the property management universe. Heather provides an educated and objective point of view coupled with a sense of humor that is valued by her readers and clients.


Act Like You Want the Business! How Your Follow-Up Speed and Strategy Helps Close More Leases


Model (Mis)behavior: 15 Ways To Modernize Your Model Home For 2016


Barbara Savona

Barbara Savona is the CEO and Co-Founder of Sprout Marketing, a marketing agency exclusively for multifamily housing. She launched Sprout in 2009 as a way to combine her passion for marketing and entrepreneurship with her 16 years of experience in multifamily housing. Barbara knows that a one-size-fits-all approach falls flat. Her approach is anything but one-dimensional. Barbara’s motto is that everything starts and ends with marketing. This philosophy has guided her in growing Sprout Marketing into a consulting agency that represents thousands of clients nationwide. Barbara is recognized as a Business Owner, National Speaker, AIT graduate, and a Branding and Marketing Strategist. She is a regular presenter for the National Apartment Association, as well as for state associations and management companies.


Potluck Marketing: Why a Varied Approach is the Real Crowd Pleaser


Petra Marquart

Petra Marquart is an inspirational speaker who has received rave reviews at property management conventions, conferences and meetings around the globe. She is principal in the global speaking and training firm, Petra Marquart and Associates. She has worked as a leasing agent, on-site manager, property/portfolio manager and as Vice President of Operations for Krohn Management Corporation —a Minnesota-based property management firm. As a licensed realtor, she managed over a thousand apartment units in Michigan and Minnesota. She is listed in Who’s Who of American Women and the author of the best seller, The Power of Service: Keeping Customers for Life. In addition, Petra developed and taught ‘Introduction to Property Management’ and ‘On-site Apartment Management’ for Hennepin Technical College as well as the ‘Management’ section of the Certified Resident Manager (CRM) program for the Minnesota Multi Housing Association. Whether speaking on customer service, leadership, personal power or performance, Petra’s skilled stage presence comes, in part, from her experience as a performer in Las Vegas with such stars as Elvis Presley, Tina Turner and some of the most recognized names in the world.


Inspiration and Accountability: The Power Tools of Leadership


Misti McElwee

Misti is currently responsible for Greystar’s transitions which consist of dispositions, onboarding of new acquisitions and management changes. Misti has over 20 years of successful property management experience. She has extensive background in property operations, and strategic positioning of conventional assets. Misti’s expertise includes lease-ups, renovations, repositions and financially and physically stressed assets. She began her career as a leasing associate with Archstone and then joined Trammell Crow Residential Services in 1997 and eventually merging with Greystar in 2014. Misti has experience in numerous markets including Austin, TX, Portland, Oregon, Southern California and the Carolinas. She is the recipient of four Achievers Circle Awards, two Exemplary Citizens awards in addition to numerous property achievement awards. She lives in Raleigh, NC with her son Derek and the sweetest Golden Retriever, Diego.


Leasing Rescue! Positioning Your Property for Ultimate Success!


Jamie Gorski

Jamie Gorski is chief marketing officer for The Bozzuto Group. In her role, she provides strategic marketing direction and oversees all marketing and public relations efforts for the company's homebuilding, multifamily development, construction and property management divisions. Her expertise includes strategic brand development, standards implementation, market analysis and online marketing. Jamie serves as the current chair of the ULI Washington Communications Committee, on the Zillow Advisory Board and on the Apartment List Leadership Council.


Tap into your own life experiences to deliver exceptional experiences to prospects and residents


Amy Kosnikowski Dilisio

Amy Kosnikowski Dilisio is a proven leader in sales, leasing, management and marketing real estate assets bringing years of passion and industry experience. Amy began her career in 1990 as a successful leasing professional, advancing quickly to serve as Director of Marketing and Training for national and international companies including Summit Properties and Oakwood Worldwide. Amy’s skills were proven as she led national sales and marketing efforts in the most challenging markets. Amy has received national recognition, served on advisory panels as well as leading educational programs across the country presenting at national, state and regional apartment associations events including National Apartment Association, Multi-Housing World, and MultifamilyPro’s Brainstorming. Amy’s expertise is often sought as a marketing strategist to position communities to excel even in the toughest markets or to coach leasing teams to improve performance results. With a reputation for unforgettable and motivational educational programs, Amy is delighted to have the opportunity to share her extensive knowledge and passion while serving as Vice President of Business Development & Education with Sprout Marketing, a multifamily marketing boutique.


You are not a used car salesperson – don’t sound like one!


Doug Miller

Doug has 30+ years of experience in multifamily. Prior to creating his first business in 1996, a multifamily consulting firm, in the 1980’s Doug was an advertising account executive. In the late 1980’s he was Director of Marketing for several NMHC Top 50 and regional management firms. In 2000 he created SatisFacts, multifamily’s largest resident feedback, retention and reputation management service provider – where he worked with 300+ management companies. After selling SatisFacts to Internet Brands, owner of, in 2012, Doug continued as president until leaving the company at the end of 2015. Since leaving SatisFacts, Doug dedicated himself to creating a business that could have an even greater impact on society. Given his experience in multifamily, the next step was logical – to help forward-thinking management companies enhance programs that support employees, residents, and the communities they operate within. Enter ManagInc and its Everyone Can Win™ Corporate Social Responsibility planning platform.


Dark Clouds Are Gathering In Multifamily - Is It Time to Start Building Your Ark?


Mike Whaling

Mike Whaling helps businesses drive more traffic and convert more leads through online tools, including websites, email marketing, SEO and social media. He co-moderates the weekly #AptChat on Twitter to discuss trends impacting apartment companies, and he co-authored the ebook “Getting Inside the Mind of the Online Renter.” Mike was named a Top 10 Promotor of Technology for the multifamily industry, and has been named featured in numerous publications, including “Multifamily Executive” and “Multi-Housing News.”


Marketing for the Moments That Matter Most to Apartment Shoppers 


Donna Hickey

My name is Donna and I believe; Living my Life out loud with quiet confidence and loud ideas are sexy, I have been traveling the world and sharing the message of recovery, prosperity and learning to live life inspired for decades now. I believed all my life that I am to enjoy life, reach for abundance and keep pushing forward. As a Success Coach and Speaker, I believe people want to be moved, inspired and ultimately influenced to reach higher in their own lives. I have played this out for 40 years in the apartment industry by taking steps of faith, making changes as I go along and reaching into experiences I’ve never done to learn, apply successes and bounce back from failure. In order to live, you must try…


Follow Up Frenzy


Cathy Macaione

Cathy Macaione, President, Cathy Macaione Consulting Services, an Apartment Marketing and Management Specialist, has more than 29 years in the Real Estate Industry. Cathy’s creative marketing skills have won her numerous awards including Chicago’s prestigious CAMME and ALEX awards. Cathy is the author of “Six Days to Success: Training the New Leasing Professional” and creator of “Stopping the Real Estate Gremlins”, a complete Video DVD training series. Cathy is a national speaker and speaks on topics related to Leasing, Marketing, Maintenance, Customer Service, Tax Credit, Image and Resident Retention.


“Come In Anytime” - Three Words You Should Never Use When Setting Appointments With Prospects


Patrick Morin

Patrick Morin is a managing director with Transact Capital Partners, a Richmond, VA-based investment banking firm. Prior to his current engagement, he was 7 years as SVP with Cornerstone Realty Income Trust, Inc., that owned and operated over 24,000 apartments. He regularly presents to the multifamily industry on competitive practices and has recently spoken to: AIM, MTEC, NAA, Lincoln, and the apartment associations of Florida, Charleston, and Georgia.


Beyond Disruption: Tapping the creative and competitive nature of your team.


Eric Clark

Eric is responsible for overseeing all marketing initiatives and regional performance for Greystar's Florida portfolio with over 30,000 units. His areas of expertise include branding, marketing and operational efficiency, enhancing corporate culture and leading the development, implementation and use of multiple leading-edge technologies. Previously, Eric served as Director of Marketing & Technology for Altman Companies and oversaw marketing for a national multifamily owner. He holds a degree in marketing and communication from the University of Tampa as well as a degree in merchandising. Mr. Clark is also a speaker at several industry conferences including The National Apartment Association (NAA) Education Conference & Exposition and the Apartment Internet Marketing (AIM).


Model (Mis)behavior: 15 Ways To Modernize Your Model Home For 2016


Dana Pate

Dana G. Pate is the Director of Marketing for Matrix Residential and Pollack Shore Real Estate Group. In this role, Dana is responsible for the overall creation and implementation of marketing strategies, execution of company initiatives, building of relationships with advertising partners, and providing training and support to team members. Dana joined Matrix Residential in 2012 after showcasing her talents both onsite and in corporate roles within the multifamily industry. Her experience includes student and conventional housing across the Southeast and Florida with an emphasis on SEO/SEM, online brand management and social media.


Model (Mis)behavior: 15 Ways To Modernize Your Model Home For 2016


Jared Miller

Jared started Homestead Development Partners in 2015 as Managing Director, Asset Management & Operations. He brings 20 years of apartment management experience to the company. During his career, he has overseen portfolios ranging from 2,000 to over 30,000 apartment homes – including a few thousand beds of student housing. Prior to starting Homestead, Jared was the Senior Vice President and Director of Asset Management at The Bainbridge Companies. He is a regular speaker at industry conferences including the Multifamily Executive Conference, The Apartment Internet Marketing Conference and various conferences for the National Multi Family Housing Council. In 2010, Multifamily Executive Magazine named him their first inaugural Rising Star of the Year. Jared is a graduate of Columbus State.


Making the Most of Your Make Ready Process


Kevin George

For over 20 years, Kevin George has served as senior operating executive for top-tier companies such as Lexis/Nexis, Manhattan Associates, and Silverpop. He has a proven track record of successfully leading companies through periods of rapid growth, transformations, and turnarounds. Having successfully launched over 100 software product releases, Kevin is adept at optimizing business processes and building high-performance teams. He holds a BA in management from Antioch University and is the founder of management and technology consulting firm Progility Partners. A multifamily speaker, Kevin has previously moderated or presented at the NAA Education Conference, AOMA Annual Conference, NMHC OPTECH, Maximize, and the RealShare Apartments Conference. Kevin is actively involved in High Tech Ministries and is a recognized leader in the technology community in Atlanta.


Making the Most of Your Make Ready Process



Kim Cory

Kim Cory is the Principal of Kim Cory Consulting. She has more than 17 years of leasing, marketing, training and operations experience serving both the Student Housing and Multifamily industry. Her passions lie with developing transformative living experiences by creating a memorable experience through sales and marketing strategies. Kim's vast experience she delivers to her clients includes: overseeing the day-to-day operations, marketing/sales programs, public relations, staffing initiatives, training and business development. Prior, Kim developed the strategic business plan and worked with ForRent Media Solutions, Inc. to launch and roll out a one-of-a kind off-campus housing search product named In addition to being highly regarded for her robust leadership style, Kim’s expertise includes: creating dynamic websites, digital media, social media and mobile strategies; branding; applying trends in marketing and technology to impact revenue; and reputation growth through strategic initiatives. Kim is a recognized national speaker and has been featured in several industry publications. Her enthusiasm and ability to spread her passion in sales and marketing trends is why so many respect, value and admire her.


Preparing for Move-In Day Mania


Jessica Nix

Mrs. Nix brings more than 17 years of student housing experience to her role as VP of Marketing and Leasing at Campus Life & Style. Before joining the CLS team, Mrs. Nix launched her own business, JNix Consulting, where she provided executive strategies for marketing, community positioning, market analysis and student centric lease up plans for all property types. Mrs. Nix began her career as a community advisor and climbed the ranks to VP of Marketing at Peak Campus Management, the second largest third party student housing management company in the country.


It’s not me, it’s you… Don’t get dumped on your social media platforms!


Jamie Matusek

Jamie brings over 19 years of experience in business operations, brand development, account leadership, sales, interactive and traditional marketing to her role as Vice President of Catalyst. Jamie guides Catalyst’s team of experts to conduct strategic marketing campaigns to drive results. Jamie is essential in leading the team to establish key business practices, team processes, and marketing strategies to drive increased leasing velocity, build strong communities, and establish, grow, and strengthen client brands.


The Marketing Landscape in Student Housing: The Key to Driving Leasing Results


Katy Smerko

Katy serves as Vice President of Leasing for Campus Advantage, overseeing corporate-level leasing and marketing efforts for 48 student housing properties nationwide. She has nearly a decade of industry experience in increasingly senior roles. Katy is responsible for developing and executing leasing and marketing strategies to ensure the portfolio reaches optimum occupancies. Previously, she served as a National Director of Leasing and Marketing, overseeing a portfolio of communities. In addition, she directed the marketing and branding efforts of initial operations, rebranded properties and provided corporate-level leasing and marketing support. Prior to joining Campus Advantage, Katy served as a Regional Supervisor and held multiple property management positions for the Dinerstein Management Company. She attended the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana in Urbana, Ill.


The Marketing Landscape in Student Housing: The Key to Driving Leasing Results


Jennifer Cassidy

Ms. Cassidy is tasked with driving operational performance at the property level through overseeing all aspects of marketing & leasing, operations, human resources, talent development and financial performance for her portfolio As a Vice President, Ms. Cassidy serves as a relationship manager, working with a variety of different clients. In addition, she works along the Campus Advantage leadership team to identify and execute company strategies designed to enhance financial performance and increase asset value. Ms. Cassidy has spent her entire professional career in student housing holding a variety of different positions both on site and at the corporate level. Prior to joining Campus Advantage, she held a multitude of onsite positions with College Park Communities and Suite USA. Ms. Cassidy graduated from The University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Natural Science. She holds an ARM designation through the Institute of Real Estate Management and is currently a CPM candidate. She is a member of the National Apartment Association and active with the Institute of Real Estate Management. Jennifer has been the recipient of the Campus Advantage Mojo Award, Regional Manager of the Year and Corporate Employee of the year designations throughout her tenure.


Turning over 1,500 beds in 2 weeks? The art and science of a successful ‘turn’ in student housing.


Michael Hanley

Senior Vice President of Facilities and Development Services Michael provides senior level oversight of all CapEx, FF&E and maintenance programs. He works closely with operations to ensure that Campus Advantage standards are in place when managing large CapEx projects. He also provides consulting on new development projects during the planning and design phase. Michael began his career in student housing in 1988 at Old Dominion University as a housing officer after serving in various roles including, Resident Assistant and Director. In 1997, he joined the American Campus Communities and helped establish new operating policies and procedures as a Regional Manager and General Manager. He was intimately involved in designing and opening University Village at Texas A&M International, as well as a full service residence hall at Texas A&M University in College Station. Throughout his career, he has a remarkable record of rescuing troubled and failing properties through improved operations and attention to detail. Michael holds a Bachelors degree in history from Old Dominion University and has participated in the Association of College & University Housing Officials (ACUHO) organization. He is trained in Compliance Bridge and Timberline management systems and has specialized training in low voltage and information technology issues. He has been involved in the design of more than 25 student housing communities.


Turning over 1,500 beds in 2 weeks? The art and science of a successful ‘turn’ in student housing.


Rich George

Rich George, CAPS, the NOI Coach, is an industry professional, speaker and author with 25+ of business experience, bringing a no-nonsense approach to strategic planning and a passion for employee development and culture building. Leah and Rich are frequent presenters at the annual NAA Conference.


Superhero Secrets: The Art of Recruiting and Retaining Action Staff