Who are we?  What is our culture?

We are stewards for the community, helping cultivate great conversations and sharing of knowledge in multifamily, while also putting a spotlight on amazing people and ideas.  Our focus is creating a fun and positive environment that is inclusive, collaborative, and inspiring.  By empowering diverse ideas and people, we work to elevate the entire multifamily industry.  

Our culture as seen by the community.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to cultivate a diverse and passionate community of multifamily professionals who share knowledge and experience to strengthen, educate, empower, and impact the multifamily industry globally.

Putting Our Mission Into Action

Our mission is to empower every member of the multifamily community from on-site teams to executive leadership, by giving them the tools to make incremental, impactful improvements in their skillsets, careers, and companies.  We want to help them leverage these skills to make a career in multifamily more rewarding, while driving profitability and establishing apartment living as an enriching and satisfying experience for our residents.  In this way, our goals impact every multifamily professional, property management company, and supplier, as well as ultimately the residents, as well.  We want this growth to come from a positive and ethical foundation on a bedrock of diversity and inclusion, always working to build people up with every effort we make in the industry. 

            What tangible results do we want to see?

We want members to receive practical skills and knowledge that they can implement in their job, with a variety of net effects:

  • Higher job satisfaction, as they are more effective in bringing positive change
  • Expanded career growth, driving promotions and related career advancement opportunities
  • Greater revenue and profitability at their communities and/or companies
  • Stronger prospect and resident satisfaction
  • Evolution of the entire property management industry through greater collaboration and education

We achieve these goals by providing:

  • A platform for Insiders to share their voice
  • Membership-derived resources in the community
  • Training and education on topics that impact the community
  • Collaboration and brainstorming between community members
  • Support, mentorship, and coaching
  • Event starts in: