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Body Language Confidential: Tactics Secret Agents and Leasing Pros Should Know

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People are hiding things from you! However, it's only confidential if you haven't been to Traci's program. In this webinar you will discover Strategic Body Language  your residents and prospects are projecting, so you can uncover secrets hidden in plain view, and hear 'Yes!' more easily and more often when:

~~> Closing a Sale

~~> Renewing a Resident

~~> Leasing Apartments

~~> Having conversations With Your Staff and even your Kids & Spouse

You will laugh, learn, and win fabulous prizes behind curtain #3 in this eye-opening, gameshow style webinar.

Join Traci Brown and the Webinar Wednesday Team on November 15, 2017 at 2pm Eastern Time to learn the secrets behind your customers' body language!

A special thanks to Yardi and SMP 


Yardi   Rainmaker


* Each registration is good for one attendee OR one on-site team. If you would like multiple attendees, group viewing events, or other needs, please contact us.

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