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Recorded Broadcast: Effectively Posting on Facebook

Recorded Broadcast: Effectively Posting on Facebook
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Do you feel like you are talking to yourself when you post on your fan page? Or if you do get people responding, it is the same few people every time? If you are not getting interaction on your page, it often means you are spinning your wheels with no results! This webinar will teach you how to:

  • Achieve your social media goals on your fan page;
  • Create posts that are likeable, sharable, and interactive;
  • Establish your page as a solid referral system for new prospects.

This webinar is designed for those in charge of their company/community fan page, such as an on-site team, marketing director, or supplier, and is considered a beginner to intermediate level topic.


Enjoy this webinar video from Brent Williams and the Webinar Wednesday Team  for only $29.99!*

About Brent Williams:
Brent Williams is Chief Insider at Multifamily Insiders, the largest online professional network for the multifamily industry. Brent speaks on a variety of social media topics, including reputation management and social media engagement.

* Each registration is good for one attendee OR one on-site team. If you would like multiple attendees, group viewing events, or other needs, please contact us.

Comments for this event:
5 1 5
I Loved it! It gave me a lot of great ideas to share with our Facebook Communities. :)

Thank You,

Christina Manning-White
5 1 4
I liked that it gave me fresh, new ideas about posting. I post some, maybe once a week or so. But I certainly want to be more active as I would like FB to share my posts with my fans! :)
5 1 5
great tips!!!!
5 1 4
I think that the examples on the webinar were excellent and really stirrued up some good ideas. The "Share this Status" website is an awesome tool that was provided that I think will help greatly! I do wish however that the focus was more on how to work the facebook fanpage. I am familiar with facebook but not the fan page aspect. Other than that the webinar was very informative and it was directed like a champ! Thank you for the chance to absorb more knowledge about facebook!
5 1 5
I found this to be very helpful in giving ideas on better ways to use FB. I also feel a little more confident in how to approach this as it is different then posting on your personal site and can be intimidating.

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