Followership: How Dynamic and Trustworthy Followers Create Successful and Effective Leaders

Followership: How Dynamic and Trustworthy Followers Create Successful and Effective Leaders

Webinar presented by Rick Ellis

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Never be a follower; Always be a Leader! Those are the words we hear from parents, teachers, coaches, and employers for most of our life. To be a follower is at the least a weakness and at the most, paramount to failure! Yet how can everyone be “the leader”? There are naturally many more followers than leaders. Is this Majority, those individuals who are follower-people, irrelevant or insignificant? We are a society in love with leadership and uncomfortable with followership, yet the two are inseparable. Though much has been written about leadership, skilled and active followership is as vital to success as good leadership. The proficiency and quality of the execution of a decision is often as important as the decision itself. Followers have the greatest opportunity to shine and contribute in the way that pushes the business to new heights.

Followership is NOT:

  • meek and passive
  • subservient or compliant
  • inferior

Followership IS:

  • Being responsible, participating, and challenging
  • Dynamic and courageous
  • A collaborator
  • Critical to the leading process

This powerful seminar presents the case for the importance of skilled followers who thoughtfully support, encourage, coach, influence, and commend their leader. Never again should one feel as though a follower role is an inferior position. 


Join Rick Ellis and the Webinar Wednesday Team in a special recorded broadcast to learn how to Create Successful and Effective Leaders!

Who should watch:
On Site Team Members, Regional Managers, Small Owners, Management Company Executives, Training Directors

About Rick Ellis:
Rick Ellis, CAM, CPM is a 59-year-old teenager and has been intimately involved in the apartment business for over 34 years. Starting as an onsite assistant manager and leasing consultant, Rick directed a fast growing apartment portfolio from two properties in the Dallas area to over 6000 units in three states. Additionally, he served 10 years as the national training and marketing director for a major REIT with 39,000 units on 189 properties. In 1984, he founded ELLIS Consulting Group in Irving, Texas. Now the name ELLIS has become synonymous with the finest market consulting, training, and contract leasing to the multi-family industry.

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