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The Power of Empathy - Tapping into the Heart of Sales and Service

The Power of Empathy - Tapping into the Heart of Sales and Service
$29.99 each

To be empathetic means 'the ability to understand and share the feelings of another'. 

I understand. I feel you.

In this session, you will learn techniques designed to make you a more empathetic individual with the people you serve. This doesn't mean we give everyone a month free. This doesn't mean we need to do whatever the client asks. What is does mean, is learning to understand our biases, recognize them and remove them in an effort to become a kinder human. It's easy to presume people are trying to take advantage. It's easy today to never actually talk face to face with a resident. It's easy to hide behind the lease, the Fair Housing poster or anything else that we can point to, and shut the conversation down. Learn to take those "shut up and go away" statements and open up true dialogue. 

The result? Empathetic behavior can generate leases, build on retention efforts and make anyone a better leader.


Join Lori Snider and the Webinar Wednesday Team on a special recorded broadcast to learn how empathetic behavior can improve your property management skills!

Who should watch:
On Site Team Members, Regional Managers, Small Owners, Management Company Executives, Training Directors, Marketing Directors

About Lori Snider:
Lori Snider is a leading multifamily marketing, learning and experience expert, currently serving as head of Learning and Team Experience for RedPeak, providing strategic educational and recruitment direction for the entire company, and overseeing all facets of the team member experience. 

In her 30 years of multifamily experience Lori spent 15 years running her own successful company as an educator, platform speaker and experience management consultant.   She has leased apartments, worked as a marketing director, launched a rental publication, co-founded a boutique marketing and design firm, and executed marketing strategies for a myriad of product types throughout the country. 

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* Each registration is good for one attendee OR one on-site team. If you would like multiple attendees, group viewing events, or other needs, please contact us.

Comments for this event:
Grand Pointe
I found Lori kept it very interesting throughout the whole webinar. I did take in some things that I really hadn't consider before.
Christy Davis
We like the way she helped us change the wording to certain questions!!!
Lisa Barboza
Great tips on how to handle different situations.
Trish Winston
I like that it's a subject that is not discussed often but something that we are in great need of in this industry.
Janine Dreas
I loved what Lori had to say, especially the "Often, Maybe, Sometimes" tip.
Holiday Gardens
Good reminder not to take it personally and good strategies to de-escalate.
Lauren Cadwell
We liked the ideas given to overcome difficult situations and people while still being empathetic.
Brooke Tew
I liked that it made me reflect on my own personal experiences.
Charlotte Reel
The topic was great! It is very relevant to our industry and provides an important reminder about one of the key aspects of what we provide to our residents.
Elizabeth Chavera
I loved this webinar!!
Lori Hepfner
Very helpful & positive information, thanks!Time
Whitney Biggerstaff
I appreciate the comments to help us all be more empathic to our customers. Sometimes it can be difficult to think from their perspective.
Sabrina Leckemby
I liked the realistic explanation of how to use empathy with difficult residents to help defuse tense situations.
Claire Collins
Love the Sometimes, Often, Maybe technique of framing reactions to residents.

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