Between a Rock and Hard Place; Fair Housing Questions with Challenging Answers

Between a Rock and Hard Place; Fair Housing Questions with Challenging Answers

Webinar presented by Anne Sadovsky

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Marijuana, emotional support animals, parking for the disabled, hoarding, residents complaining against residents…  what would you do???

Many times when I work with the property team members, I realize that there are tough situations that are hard to resolve and be in compliance.  They are terribly confused and have tough questions. Most are justifiably perplexing, even to Fair Housing experts!  We will review many of the hard questions and discuss the challenges, examining different opinions on resolving issues.

  • When do we involve the police?  
  • Do we tell residents to straighten out their own disagreements? 
  • What if the service team reports one little marijuana plant in a resident’s apartment?  
  • Residents ask personal questions about each other; do we have liability if we answer?  
  • What are the restrictions on Emotional Support Animals? 
  • Is hoarding different from collecting or bad housekeeping? 

We will cover these topics and others during this critical webinar on Fair Housing!

Join Anne Sadovsky and the Webinar Wednesday Team on this special recorded broadcast to Get Important Answers to Fair Housing Questions!


Who should watch:
On Site Team Members, Regional Managers, Small Owners, Management Company Executives, Training Directors

About Anne Sadovsky:

Anne Sadovsky has been in the industry five decades and is a former V P of Marketing and Education for Lincoln Property Company. She is a contributing writer for many publications and is often quoted in articles pertaining to the apartment industry. She was named one of the top trainers in the industry by MultiHousing News and both the Brainstorming Conference and the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas have honored Anne with Legends Awards. She has flown over three million miles sharing her knowledge and wit, and her success story has been featured in many national magazines including Money, Texas Business and Ladies Home Journal. Clients choose Anne because she is multifaceted, offers many topics, shares skills and tools that are life changing, common sense, fun but no nonsense and that increase NOI. Her fair housing training shares knowledge and critical information in an interesting and entertaining manner.

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* Each registration is good for one attendee OR one on-site team. If you would like multiple attendees, group viewing events, or other needs, please contact us.


Comments for this event:
Amanda Maialetti says
Anne put a lot of perspective into putting yourself in the tenants shoes.
Angela Lemaster says
Most of the content covered, was certainly issues we come across, so it was great to have some direct answers.
Julie McNiff says
I liked that it covered topics we see in our community often and was easy to follow and understand.
Laurie Wynn says
Learned new responses to reoccurring situations
Kayla Ruej says
I really liked that it was based off of real life experiences versus situations that might happen.
Julie Baker says
Great information! Very good presentation!!
Kristin Keller says
Great information provided, and I think it answered a lot of the typical fair house issues that arise on a daily basis in this industry.
Andrea Nunez says
I like the info on scam websites for service animals and helpful tips about caution with language.
Nichole Salley says
It was awesome! I have been in the business for almost 6 years & it's a great refresher!!
Robyn Kahle says
I loved her directness and ability to discuss all kinds of issues we deal with on a daily basis.
LoriAnn says
I liked how Anne was able to briefly touch on some of the most commonly asked questions and concerns in the multi-family housing industry.
Kerrie Steckbeck says
Great info, regarding Fair housing for new staff.
Antionette Commer says
The information on the service animal and parking for caregiver.
Paula Butler says
A lot of questions and concerns about Fair Housing were clearly addressed in the Webinar. Ms. Anne did an excellent job in explaining and answering questions.

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