2020 Focus – Mastering Your Team’s Energy Through Vision, Direction, and Momentum

2020 Focus – Mastering Your Team’s Energy Through Vision, Direction, and Momentum

Webinar presented by Toni Blake

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It seems there are far too many distractions that cause us to work harder, pulling the team off course and draining their energy. This powerful life and career-coaching from Toni Blake will show your teams how to FOCUS using vision, direction, and momentum. Toni will teach you the importance of a shared vision for 2020, how to lead your team with clear direction, and then how to maintain the momentum.

  • Vision: Toni will help you to write your property’s vision statement. A vision statement guides strategy development, helps communicate the team’s purpose, keeps everyone on the same page and on track. A lack of vision stalls out a team and can freeze progress and performance.
  • Direction: Giving clear direction and knowing how to properly delegate is vital to mastering your goals. Toni will share the 5 essentials to clear delegation and how to visually support your direction.
  • Momentum: Uncertainty and doubt undercut your team’s confidence and creates fear of failure. Toni will show you how to remove the speed bumps that are slowing down your progress and how to build and maintain your team momentum.

Join Toni Blake and the Webinar Wednesday Team on this Special Recorded Broadcast to Focus Your Team on Greatness!


Who should watch:
On Site Team Members, Regional Managers, Small Owners, Management Company Executives, Training Directors, Marketing Directors

About Toni Blake:

Toni Blake was honored with the MultifamilyPro Industry Legend Award in 2008 and tours with the Apartment All Stars. She presents across the US, Canada, Europe and is the only Professional Industry Comedienne preforming on many top US comedy stages. She is a co-author of “The Complete Guide to Leasing Apartments” and featured in industry trade magazines. She's toured over 50 cities each year for 30 years inspiring thousands of industry professionals

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* Each registration is good for one attendee OR one on-site team. If you would like multiple attendees, group viewing events, or other needs, please contact us.


Comments for this event:
Andrea Acosta says
I loved the content and Toni is an amazing speaker
Lauren Scruggs says
The webinar was great and gave me a the answer to my question of how to teach and implement our vision for 2020 with relationship leasing as a company goal!
Woodscape says
Love love love Toni Blake!!
Kerry Bates says
Toni is always very motivational and inspiring. Just what needs to be heard for the New Year!
Tina Brooks says
I really liked the energy, I loved the Home-Iversary idea. Would love to see more ideas like that.
Christie McCay says
Great energy, Great examples, Kept my FOCUS! Awesome job!
Veronica Sanchez says
I enjoyed the Theme Song idea with the weekly team meetings.
Marcia Rogers says
"I love the principal of focus.

Make short term goals toward your long term goals. Do exciting things in the middle to stay focus and make it fun to enjoy learning in completing your goal. It's so easy to get bored when you focuing on one thing so make it fun."
Melinda Lutz says
"The energy and momentum the speaker shares with the audience

I also like the reminder to work on your goal hourly, weekly, monthly and to celebrate your progress"
Kimberly Zylka says
Loved that you shared concrete action items. Energy was awesome. Made me thankful I took the time out of crazy schedule to participate.
Ana M Cantu says
Remainder about set my goals focus in what I want for property and my job. I can apply this knowledge to the entire 2020 year
Lindsay Nylander says
Great energy! Also, good suggestions for keeping those goals in front of you. Loved the rewards being built in!
Leah Naiser says
Lisa Hmphries says
I love the energy! Especially at 2 pm in the afternoon, it's like a boost of vitamin B and D for my soul!

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