How to Use Empathy and Role-Playing to Build Your De-Escalation and Interpersonal Toolbox

How to Use Empathy and Role-Playing to Build Your De-Escalation and Interpersonal Toolbox

Webinar presented by Jackie Ramstedt

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Whether you are still recovering from this pandemic / social distancing that consumed 2020, or are dealing with the multitude of other crises that affect multifamily every day, people look to others to stand strong for them.  Even when lashing out, they still need someone to be the cornerstone of solid ground for decisions, direction, compassion, patience, and understanding.

Reviewing your ability to help situations de-escalate and testing your abilities to relate well, will be the key.  Your family, your teammates, your residents and even your company is watching you closely to see how you actively demonstrate sympathy and empathy (by the way there IS a difference) when helping  your team during these challenging times. 

  • Reviewing 3 target areas of your communication skill sets 
  • Understanding the process of rebuilding relationships
  • Creating interpersonal, de-escalation role- playing practice scenarios

Join Jackie Ramstedt and the Webinar Wednesday Team on this Special Recorded Broadcast to Learn How to Teach Empathy through Role-Playing!

About Jackie Ramstedt:

Jackie Ramstedt, CAM, CAPS, CAS, is a requested, repeat presenter and nationally renowned motivational keynote speaker, consultant, and performance coach who has more than 30 years experience in the multifamily housing industry. Jackie has spoken to thousands of industry professionals on a national level for the National Apartment Association, Multifamily Pro Annual Brainstorming, the Institute of Real Estate Management and numerous state and local Associations including Canada. This is Jackie’s 16th consecutive year with the Apartment All Stars team national tours. Jackie is a subject matter expert, key contributor, and veteran industry instructor for the National Apartment Association credential courses for the NALP, CAM, and CAPS series, as well as core courses for the Texas Real Estate Commission.


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Comments for this event:
Kate Good says
Jackie's programs always feel good! :)
Debbie Shukers says
Jackie, your presentations are always insightful and current with a valuable message. You capture the audience with your own story and with your quick wit. I believe you have nailed it with this years’ platform. This platform will help the newbies to the veterans with the on-going changes the teams face on a daily basis.
The trainer was really good. Clear ideas.
Lisa Ward says
Love Jackie!
Lillie Mestas says
It was awesome no complaints, great job :)
Rachel Parise says
I loved everything!
Denise Woolbright says
Cody Sears says
Relatable scenarios and a great presenter.
Heidi Glow says
I loved the way Ms. Jackie explained everything, and that I felt identified in every scenario.
Christina Zamora says
Jackie was great! Loved her talks and awesome smile. Laugh, Love & Live is how I live on a daily.
Michelle Uecke says
Many great suggestions
Krysten Hudspith says
I thought Jackie was amazing as a presenter! I took away a lot from this webinar for my own trainings. I also really enjoyed the chat interactivity, although at times, it was a bit distracting because I wanted to read everyone's response. But if you're sending a recording of this training out after, that would be awesome so I can re-watch some of the points that I missed/was distracted for!
Jamestown Squre Vincennes says
The presenter was really good.
Lora Fritz says
Jackie had great information
Megan Sweeney says
The focus on the need for kindness in our industry.
I liked the way you gave information, it was fun. I learned a lot in a fun way. Thank you. I think you did a good job, so just keep on the hard work!
Roxane Bernhard says
Content was great. Wish I could be more critical

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