5 Sensory Impacts: The "Secret Sauce" to Total Team Success


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One of the deepest needs in our humanity is a community connection. Human connection is one of the most rewarding elements in life, and has the power to deepen the moment, strengthen the bonds between people, inspire change, and build trust. Our sensory system interprets and creates the perception of the world around us.  Human connection is a choice, an intentional plan, a practiced skill, and the “secret sauce” to total team success. So while the pandemic protocol separated us, and our current socio-economic climate highlights the divisions between us, there has never been a more critical time for us to build authentic relationships. Each sensory choice we make guides and directs the quality of our interactions. Toni will show you how to create conditions for human connection throughout the resident experience by intentionally practicing five human sensory impacts: voice, hearing, messaging, energy and tone.

Join Toni Blake and the Webinar Wednesday Team on this Special Recorded Broadcast to Master your Sensory Impacts and Build Authentic Relationships!

About Toni Blake
Toni Blake
About Toni Blake
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Comments for this event:
My assistant and I would love to attend!
Loved the positive attitudes
I always love the energy that Toni brings to her talks. She also has ideas that we can take with us and I find it so helpful after when I am meeting with my staff to go over new ideas.
I loved everything about this webinar. Toni Blake was AMAZING!!!!!
The content was on point for the times we are in. It was present is such a way that it was motivational and gave small step to grow big change.
Toni's energy is captivating.
Loved everything about the webinar.
Positive energy❣️
Nothing. Toni is amazing!
Great reminders & information shared with high energy & upbeat examples.
Was awesome.
I loved the energy Toni has and there is nothing you could do better than Toni
I like the list of actionable stuff that is practical, innovative, and positive. These can be applicable to our jobs and to personal lives.
I love how the speakers for these webinars are so cheery and passionate about their careers its refreshing because they are all different ages !!!
Toni and Brent are always awesome and so engaging!
Toni was truly beyond even her best today!

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