Is the Entire Population Angry? How to Calm Others and Keep Your Cool!

Is the Entire Population Angry? How to Calm Others and Keep Your Cool!

Webinar presented by Anne Sadovsky

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Most of the time, YOU can be personally instrumental in cooling off hot situations. In this webinar, you will learn words that sooth, heal, and calm upset people. Conversely, you’ll also learn words and phrases that add fuel to the fire! So you’ll know what words NOT to use. Discover how to recognize the physical responses signaling that you need to call a time out, think things through, and BREATHE.

  • You and your teams will build a vocabulary bank of healing, soothing, and calming words
  • You will learn to 'put out fires' when others are confrontational
  • Use your body language, facial expression and words to calm the other person

Join Anne Sadovsky and the Webinar Wednesday Team on this Special Recorded Broadcast To Keep Your Cool!

About Anne Sadovsky
Anne Sadovsky
About Anne Sadovsky
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Comments for this event:
Sherrie Kasprowicz says
It was filled with great information.
Nicole Knighton says
The hostest and the person giving the class was excellent.
Buffalo Run says
A great presentation, lessons I wish all could put in their backpacks in the world.
Stacey Allis says
Liked everything, Very upbeat, humorous, kept my attention span
Wendy Kent says
It was very informative
Roberta McBride says
I loved the visuals and how pleasant she was
Tonja Bradford says
LOADS of great and execution-able ideas
Tabitha Smith says
A huge fan and former employee of Anne Sadovsky
Michelle Uecke says
Loved the upbeat attitude for a not so uplifting topic.

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