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After a long period of uncertainty, changes, and acceleration in multifamily, employment trends, and employee morale have become the hottest topic of the year. With good reason! Onsite teams are managing more complex issues, increased responsibilities, and ever-changing policies and procedures while often short-staffed. The all-too-common team pizza parties and catered lunches are no longer enough to bridge the gap.

As leaders and team members, what can you do to ensure you and your teams are insulated against burnout and loss of morale? What strategies and techniques work, and which should we invest in for our employees? What will improve engagement and create a culture of bringing out the best in each other?

  • Harness the Power of Your Team
    Learn how to harness the power of each team member's unique abilities and personality to empower and motivate your teams.
  • Understand the Impact
    Understand why the strength and cohesiveness of your team have a greater impact on day-to-day operations than company culture.
  • Know the Difference
    What is the difference between feedback and attention and why it is crucial to know the difference?
  • Understand the Experience
    How can the employee experience be better understood?

Join Chelsea Kneeland and the Webinar Wednesday Team on this Special Recorded Broadcast To Build Up Your Teams' Morale

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Chelsea Kneeland
About Chelsea Kneeland
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Comments for this event:
Susan Mangiero says
I like the positivity and excitement. The information in this one was very helpful!
Khara House says
This session was absolutely amazing! I walked away with so many great ideas, resources, and plans to support the teams I work with and focus on growth, meaningful engagement, and more!
Kerrie Alston says
All employees sharing their thoughts and feelings. Keep It Going because you never know when someone is having a bad day. Just a smile or a laugh word of encouragement positive vibes.
Meredith Studds says
Chelsea was very relatable!
Karla Babcock says
It was great and uplifting!
Eydie Cranford says
I loved hearing about real problems that we are dealing with and ways to help combat those problems. It wasn't just a boring training session. It was about a very difficult subject that we all need advice on.
Julie Still says
Great ideas shared!
Heather Abbott says
Great energy. All content on site and life related and able to be applied to every day!
Mercedes Wilson says
I loved the energy and how engaging the webinar was.
Dawn Halverson says
Chelsea's positivity and energy is contagious!
Michelle Uecke says
Very upbeat. Many good ideas today, not old ones we have heard over and over.

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