First Week Fails: Mistakes Managers Make When Welcoming A New Team Member


Webinar presented by Kara Rice

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Hiring is hard. When you finally find that new team member, don't blow it by botching their onboarding experience! Studies show that nearly 25% of employee turnover happens within the first 45 days on the job. Fight back by starting new hires off strong, and help new apartment community team members feel valued, welcome, and eager to contribute, so they stick around. In this fun and funny session, you'll learn how to set your multifamily teams up for “onboarding and ongoing” success.

  • Identify the Goals
    Identify the three goals of onboarding new hires, no matter their job title
  • Uncover the Mistakes
    Uncover seven mistakes managers make and how to avoid them
  • Discover the Steps To Take
    Discover six relatively easy steps to take before your new-hire even begins
  • Learn How To Adapt
    Learn how to adapt skills you already have for wowing your prospects and win the loyalty of your newest team members

Join Kara Rice and the Webinar Wednesday Team on this Special Recorded Broadcast To Start New Hires Off STRONG!

About Kara Rice
Kara Rice
About Kara Rice
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Comments for this event:
Anthony Garr says
We could get lost in the process. We need those reminder to stay on point.
Amber Valley says
Very bubbly
Bobbie Fields says
it was a lot of information and went really fast.
Sandra Sims says
presenter high energy - great information - good visuals
Pembrook Place Apartments says
I like all of the positive ideas to make a new person feel welcome.
Jacqueline Crouch says
Very helpful tips at a stressful time for new onboarding.
Rachel Baldwin says
Kara made great, easy to implement suggestions. Thanks!
Karen Phillips says
Nice ideas to try
Buffalo Run says
It's engaging.
Michael Harger says
Loved to hear that we are on the same page attempting to make the process more engaging and fun.
Stacy Shaw says
It caused me to pause and think. I am reaching out to my team to get their input on how we can Onboard better.
Brittney Wallingford says
It was so great to hear from others of the ideas to make the new hire feel appreciated.
Tanya Corbett says
Very informative with great ideas from not only the instructor but the audience.
Amanda Gunn says
It was very engaging and relatable. I enjoy the polls and opportunities to interact, especially virtually.
Bettye Washington says
Short, helpful and to the point
Pam Arthur says
Definitely enjoyed the discussion and all the tips
Claire Collins says
Excellent rationale and strategies for improving the onboarding process.

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