Raising Rents without Raising Eyebrows


Webinar presented by Toni Blake

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Navigate the Emotional Backlash from the 2022’s Rents and Renewals

Toni Blake’s goal is to get you to the top of the market. She will help your teams explain the 40 year highs of inflation and how it impacts rental rates. Our socio-economic condition has most renters overwhelmed, searching for someone to help. Toni will show you how to elevate the humanity in your renewal experience. The first step to any renewal is building trust, and becoming your resident’s primary trusted contact.

Join Toni Blake and the Webinar Wednesday Team on this Special Recorded Broadcast to Navigate Raising Rents!

About Toni Blake
Toni Blake
About Toni Blake
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Comments for this event:
reebex says
I love this because....Because it is Toni Blake of course!
Mary Thayer says
Toni was right on point with one of the biggest issues in our industry today. I so appreciate our managers hearing her explanation about why renewal rents must be raised, and how to present the increase to residents.
Kelly Marunick says
I like the content, the delivery and the time element. She did a great presenting the material and I enjoyed the training.
Jessica Lunsford says
It offered a different point of view. Loved the ideas of how to address the residents
Stacey Allis says
Her enthusiasm
Tammy Miller says
Organized and to the point!
Gabby Horan says
We are from Canada. Our numbers are not the same but the issues are very much the same. We are currently getting pushback on applications for AGI's-above guideline increases. Thanks to your suggestions on using expense increases we will prepare fact sheets to distribute to tenants before the hearings. Thank you for that one !!!
Urban Living Dahlia says
I was informative and there were a lot of great tips!
Sharon McCauley says
Toni always has so much great information! She has so much energy and positivity during her presentations.
Angie Thomas says
Toni's enthusiasm

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