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Are you tired of watching your teams perform beneath their potential? Great leaders and department heads love watching their teams shine brightly. In this webinar we will discuss ways that it's participants can inspire innovation, productivity, and worth in their teams by creating a healthy workplace environment that supports the individual success of every member. Learn how hard-working leaders produce hard working teams. Create employee happiness through trust and recognition. Perfect the art of resilience for the times when your team miss the mark, and how to set goals and crush them through collaboration and individual successes.

  • Host team meetings that motivate
  • Create employee recognition incentives
  • Find the Silver Lining in everyone
  • Set fire to behaviors that dull your shine

Join Latrice Leake and the Webinar Wednesday Team on this Special Recorded Broadcast To Inspire Golden Innovation!

About Latrice Leake
Latrice Leake
About Latrice Leake
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* Each registration is good for one attendee OR one on-site team. If you would like multiple attendees, group viewing events, or other needs, please contact us.


Comments for this event:
Vanessa Blackwood Spinks says
It was very upbeat!
Lisa Ward says
Latrice was a fabulous presenter, the slides grabbed my attention and the polls and chat were engaging
Melba Jackson says
I loved this webinar! Latrice was very enthusiastic that she motivated me right away to start doing team building activities with my team!
Michelle Dixon - WM at the River says
Great information and it was information I can take back to my team.
Marcella Eppsteiner says
Latrice's energy and the message were phenonmenal! not much to improve, the engagement was awesome!
WestView Manager says
Latricia has a very powerful voice. She speaks very well and you can understand every she says. I hope to see her again soon.
Bonner Highlands Manager says
I actually thought the webinar was very informative .
I also liked the energy of the speaker .
Michelle Uecke says
Very upbeat and many good ideas.
Sammie Lopour says
Love that it was interactive, it maintained my attention.
Gary Gregory says
Latrice did such a FANTASTIC job! Her examples were practical and valuable. I appreciate her enthusiasm.
Bobbi Marquart says
The interaction and message was amazing.

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