What You Need to Know NOW about Fair Housing!

What You Need to Know NOW about Fair Housing!

Webinar presented by Anne Sadovsky

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Fair Housing guidelines are dynamic and ever changing. The current administration is very pro-resident, and there are many active groups supporting each of the protected classes. Therefore, industry legend, Anne Sadovsky will guide you and your teams through new rulings, discuss updated old rulings and cover questions answered as well as answers questioned! Anne will tackle today's latest information on Fair Housing.

Many people walk around unsure about Fair Housing laws and rulings, and often, they are embarrassed to speak up and ask, so we will clear up existing questions and address new Fair Housing guidelines to keep you and your teams up to date and out of trouble!

Join Anne Sadovsky and the Webinar Wednesday Team on this Special Recorded Broadcast To Learn What You Need to Know About Fair Housing...NOW!

About Anne Sadovsky
Anne Sadovsky
About Anne Sadovsky
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Comments for this event:
Michelle says
This one could have been longer than 90 minutes. Lots of great information.
Eve Torres says
she was great and gave lots of information
Jessica Angelo says
I learned so much. I could have stayed longer.
Andrea Madden says
I loved everything that Anne had to say! She is very knowledgeable and passionate about this fair housing subject.
Sharon McCauley says
Anne is great!!! An abundance of very important information regarding fair housing.
Rick Ellis says
Ann did a good job covering many of the more complicated fair housing issues. Give her 2 hours next time! :)
Patricia Tristan says
very informative and detailed
Stevens Creek Commons says
Anne was awesome! She was very informative.
We got a lot of great information
Cathy Slaughter says
It was very informative and lots to take in. Very well done
TownParc at Amarillo Leasing1 says
It was very, very informative
Lisa McLemore says
I love Anne's ethusiasm.
Tamaura Schulter says
It covers so much information!
Michelle Uecke says
Information we ALL need
Celene Jensen says
Very Interactive!

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