Mastering Maintenance: Is Your Team Ready for the Phasing Out of R410A?

Mastering Maintenance: Is Your Team Ready for the Phasing Out of R410A?

Webinar presented by Angel Davila

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Effective 01/02/2022 the EPA has called for the immediate phasedown of HFC refrigerants due to their high Global Warming Potential and flammable refrigerants will be taking their place. HFC refrigerants such as R410A, R407C, & R438A were the replacements for R22 and are currently being used throughout the Multifamily Industry; regardless if the property is new construction or was built in the mid-80's. The phase down will reduce the production and importation of HFC refrigerants by 10% in 2022, 40% in 2024, & a whopping 85% by 2035; meaning that as supplies becomes limited with the demand higher, the cost of these refrigerant types is expected to rise astronomically. As supplies of HFC refrigerants start to dwindle; properties will have no other choice but to start using flammable refrigerants, and as you can imagine, there are inherently several safety considerations and specialty training requirements that will be needed before the transition. Join this webinar to learn how to keep residents, staff, and the property safe during the transition to flammable refrigerants and we'll also discuss specialty tools, the conversion process, and safe storage considerations.

  • The attendees will learn about the HFC Phase Down schedule and how it will affect both the safety and finances of a community
  • Know the type of Personal Protective Equipment and specialty tools that technicians are required to have when dealing with flammable refrigerants.
  • Obtain resources for Flammable Refrigerant Safety Certification courses, and get your maintenance team ready for the phase down and the introduction of flammable refrigerants.

Join Angel Davila and the Webinar Wednesday Team on this Special Recorded Broadcast to Say Goodbye to R410A!

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About Angel Davila
Angel Davila
About Angel Davila
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Comments for this event:
Michael Sumner says
Having the "hand out" to take notes along with was very helpful. I also like the links that were provided during the chat. I clicked and took advantage of most of those.
Mike Fox says
liked the slides and the way he presented the info in layman's terms
Heidi Glow says
Everything perfect thank you
TWA Apartments says
Customer Service and patience and growth with maintenance.
Julie Still says
Tons of timely info - very informative!
Gene Beck says
well presented
Santa Maria says
very informative
Timber Creek says
Very Informative
Stonebridge Apartments says
Well I like the fact that everybody know that they are facing out for 410A and we are faced with more dangerous refrigerant and we will require special tools and the company most definitely will have to pay for them

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