Mastering Maintenance: Find, Hire, and Keep a Great Service Team

Mastering Maintenance: Find, Hire, and Keep a Great Service Team

Webinar presented by Mark Cukro

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Now more than ever it is getting more difficult to find technicians and even harder to find techs with the skills you need, a good attitude, and a strong work ethic. If you want to learn some proven ways to get brand new and experience techs on your team this session is a must.

We will take you through all the steps necessary for success starting with advertising for great service associates, how to conduct an effective and revealing interview process while avoiding the most common mistakes interviewers and recruiters make as well as what technicians view as red flags and the top reasons so many avoid a company.

Then we have an insightful look on what techs really look for and want from a team and employer, as well as what makes them stay. You will also learn and develop the skills necessary for keeping the team energized and together for long term employment.

If you want to know how to build effective teams that stay together and last, this is the session to attend.

  • Find out what ads and marketing genuinely get the interest of a technician and compel the to apply.
  • Learn what other industries are goldmines for acquiring new techs, and some of them will really surprise you.
  • You will learn what technicians really want from a company and work environment and what truly inspires them to stay longer.

Join Mark Cukro and the Webinar Wednesday Team on this Special Recorded Broadcast to Hire and KEEP a Great Service Team!

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About Mark Cukro
Mark Cukro
About Mark Cukro
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Comments for this event:
Shawna Mitchell says
He is an excellent speaker, very engaging with great information to use and put in to action. I was fired up after hearing him and ready to share with my team!
Carmen Wrona says
Very engaging and informative
Carmen Wrona says
Very engaging and informative
Lauren Nelson says
I appreciated explaining where the research came from.
Deborah Fowler says
Marc Cukro. He was knowledgeable. Really cleared a lot of my thoughts I was having about the Maintenance shortage.
Bruce Horner says
Very relatable content, keep bringing us information that is current and relevant to our industry
Tracie Eagle-Smith says
Perfect length and subject matter
Cambridge Square Bloomington says
The information about what prospective employees are looking for in a new company, the best way to word things, and always remember how we treat others matters more than we know.
Schyuler Paisley says
The insight on wording on hiring and how to not over stress your service team
Jason Reed says
It was very informative. Really loved the idea of the Service instead of Maintenance, will be running that by our leadership team.
Angela Brooks says
Love the feedback
Waico Apartments says
The speaker was very direct and honest. I loved his content.
Natalie Imhoff says
Great Info to emprove hiring process and goals.
Jennifer Woynton says
Excellent real world advice and tips
Kiki Clarke says
That was really great info!!
Sunny Giarritta says
That was really great info!!timely information with practical take aways
Shannon Knight says
I typed as fast as I could! Lots of great information!

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