Value Stacking Your 2023 Rents

Value Stacking Your 2023 Rents

Webinar presented by Toni Blake

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$29.99 each

Toni Blake teaches your team creative tools of VALUE STACKING your rents to help the consumer understand the value of life at your community. People want to feel they received a “great deal”, VALUE STACKING makes sure they do! Your teams will learn the impact of passionate conversations about their community in their own words. Discover a proper understanding of the psychological value of speaking with passion. It’s incredible how quickly we find money when we WANT something! VALUE STACKING techniques show the importance of choosing your apartment because you LOVE what you get, not what you pay. Toni introduces strategies for your on-site teams to find their voice and how to write a personal “love story” about their community. Toni’s program includes specific marketing strategies and new value positioning techniques to VALUE STACK your rents with the FIRE of DESIRE! This dynamic educational leasing and marketing event for 2023 will revive your team’s passion and performance.

Join Toni Blake and the Webinar Wednesday Team on this Special Recorded Broadcast To revive your team’s passion and performance!

About Toni Blake
Toni Blake
About Toni Blake
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* Each registration is good for one attendee OR one on-site team. If you would like multiple attendees, group viewing events, or other needs, please contact us.

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Comments for this event:
Wendy Rhines says
Excellent, actionable examples plus Toni's great presentation skills
Sharon Pigg says
I think it was great
Autumn Ridge Apt says
The enthusiasm that was given with providing this information
Stratford Hillcrest says
It was full of energy and information. I enjoyed it very much.
Kiefer Cathleen says
Full of information
The energy level was amazing, keep it up! The slides were also engaging and getting examples of actual suggestions was huge!
Dee Carruth says
This is the first I've attended and it was great!
Rhonda Ward says
I like all the great Ideals that they came up with.
Demetria Dean says
I love anything Toni teaches! Her energy makes any subject interesting and make me want to try it all at my property.
Tanya Sarratt says
I loved Toni's energy and all the helpful info!
Mikia Dameron says
Interactive and educational at the same time.
Piffy Parks says
I loved all the fun ideas!
Upbeat host and new ideas!
Monica McDaniel says
The information was amazing.
Steepleway Downs says
The energy and information was amazing.
Creeks Kirklevington says
I enjoyed this very much! Very entertaining yet teaches so much at the same time!
Julie Baker says
Love Toni's energy and information!
Lisa Harvey says
Very informative!
Morgan Ridge Apt says
Toni was full of energy and dropped a great deal of knowledge that will be beneficial to our organization.

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