Prepare Your TEAM: Responding to Internet Leads


Webinar presented by Brett Murphy

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We capture roughly 75% of prospect leads via the web or email, and yet we struggle to consistently manage all of them. How can we support a healthy internet response? We prepare. Thoughtful preparation is how we promote confidence in our TEAMs, limit their anxiety when managing the queue, and respond timely and with precision. Effectively capturing your leads will result in less wasted marketing dollars as you work to maintain high occupancy at higher rent levels!

  • Reduce Associate Anxiety
    Improve the management of your Queue and ALL Web/Email Leads.
  • Be More Thoughtful
    Consider how challenging it is to manage our prospect queues.
  • Limit Inconsistencies
    Build consistency in prospect response time.
  • Examine Your Prospect Responses
    Carefully consider how you reply to online leads.
  • Identify Tools
    Utilize tools to better manage time and promote TEAM member confidence.
  • Understand
    How to better evaluate your opportunities and encourage outperformance.

Join Brett Murphy and the Webinar Wednesday Team on this Special Recorded Broadcast To Prepare your Team!

About Brett Murphy
Brett Murphy
About Brett Murphy
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Comments for this event:
Karen Wells says
very knowledgeable, great information
Dena Hendry says
I always enjoy the time with you all! Any insight is always helpful.
Jayshalee Sanchez says
I loved the information and advice. Especially the 80/20 rule!
Kristian Fletcher says
I liked the information the speaker shared about personalizing templates and how he acknowledged that the perfect recipe for success is different in each community.
Molly Negrete says
Very informational!
Emma Rico-Garcia says
I like all the ideas you give us.
Daniela Wilson says
Very informative, handout will easy to follow and plenty of room for notes along the way.
Daniel Guillaro says
Excellent topic and great flow and presenter.
Mary Anderson says
Informative information
Claire Collins says
Glad to have an "in the trenches" perspective!
I enjoy all these webinars.

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