Fair Housing Ain't Fair - It's Equal, 2023 Edition

Fair Housing Ain't Fair - It's Equal, 2023 Edition

Webinar presented by Doug Chasick

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$29.99 each

Our annual review of the good, the bad and the ugly of fair housing will look at how the hot topics of 2023 are impacting fair housing best practices around the country. We'll offer ideas and strategies for effectively practicing fair housing compliance going forward. This fast-paced session is the perfect refresher for your onsite and multi-site team members.

Join Doug Chasick and the Webinar Wednesday Team on this Special Recorded Broadcast to Get Up-to-date on the Latest Fair Housing Information!

About Doug Chasick
Doug Chasick
About Doug Chasick
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* Each registration is good for one attendee OR one on-site team. If you would like multiple attendees, group viewing events, or other needs, please contact us.


Comments for this event:
Tammy Franks says
There was lots of great information shared and very easy to follow along.
Bryana DaSilva says
I love refreshing my Fair Housing knowledge often so I truly appreciate these webinars!
Demetria Dean says
It was very informative!
Evangeline Broussard says
I loved the webinar and I love that they ask questions and then explain I wouldn’t change a thing
Barbara Masilamani says
I liked that you could answer real time
Pauletta Dearinger says
It was very interesting.
Bari Horton says
Very informative and Doug kept it to relevant topics.
Cynthia Santiago says
Doug clearly knows what he is doing and was lighthearted as well.
Rachel Baldwin says
Doug is my favorite speaker every time. Incredibly accurate and relevant information. Thank you!
Tara McBride says
great info provided in a very clear and direct way. Learned about a few very new changes that I didn't otherwise know about!
Jon Beavers says
It was very informative.
Kelly Speers says
Very informative. Love webinars
Jessica Judson says
I think the webinar was great! Very informative information.
Krystin Strong says
Some many questions were answered, day to day scenarios that were always placed on the back burner while trying to figure out the answer.
Ginger Ring says
I learned a lot about disabilities I didn't know; cleared up some misunderstandings
Pamela Modos says
I thought the webinar was great. Loved all of the information.
Katrina Kaylor says
There was great information.
Dee Carruth says
Doug knew his FH and gave great examples. I felt you could clearly understand.
Candice Robinson says
Content was great
Catrina West says
Very informative!
Sandra Thacker says
Very clear and to the point
Claire Collins says
Doug always gives the best education with the best delivery.

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