Mitigating Conflict In Your Workplace by Building a Culture of Peace


Webinar presented by Lori Agudo & Joelis Barandica-Rodriguez

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Conflict resolution is one of the toughest skills to train, practice, and master. It requires changing your instincts for fight-or-flight and making a conscience decision to listen, stay calm, and react with respect and empathy. Lori and Joelis will teach you best practices for building systems that allow for better communication, more engaged team members, better conflict management, and increased work satisfaction.

  • Understand the Basics of Conflict and How It Should Be Perceived
    Learn emotional self-management and techniques for self-regulation.
  • Practice Reflective Listening and Dialogue Skills
    Focus on self-awareness and identifying potential conflict, and hear best practices for strong communication with perhaps a digital component.
  • Shift from Reactivity to Response
    Learn how to use your response to manage disruptive individuals.
  • Identify Potential Conflicts
    Use emotional intelligence techniques and be better equipped to communicate effectively and respectfully.

Join Lori Agudo, Joelis Barandica and the Webinar Wednesday Team on this Special Recorded Broadcast To Mitigate Conflict Effectively!

About Lori Agudo
Lori Agudo
About Lori Agudo
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Joelis Barandica-Rodriguez
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Comments for this event:
Kathy Hulsey says
A lot of food for thought. things to think about work on and practice not only with team members but dealing with residents.
Jessica Pinkston says
I enjoy the interactive polls
Saniya Regmi says
Lori and Joelis are amazing trainers and so well respected. Truly respect them both.
Elaine Delude says
Excellent and timely topic
Michelle Uecke says
Good information
Andrea Hale says
All of information was valuable. So much to do with honoring employees, that has gone away with covid and companies losing grasp on what is important to create a strong foundation within a for overall success.
Yolanda Arrollo says
It gave a lot of information.
Information was very easy to understand
Jenna Hines says
It was very well put together and we learned a lot about handling conflict within our team.
Jennifer Webster says
This was one of my favorites so far this year.
Kiki Clarke says
love the team teaching - the slides were good and clear. GREAT topic!
Jon Beavers says
It was very good, useful information.
April Grote says
It was great.
Tera Burns says
It was good and had great information that was needed.
Kayley Micale says
Very informative and interactive!

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