Help! There's Math in Marketing and it Mystifies Me


Webinar presented by Kristi Fickert

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Leasing and marketing in multifamily requires an infinite amount of creative initiative. But the best marketers know that math is actually the secret ingredient to success. Even if you don't like numbers, you'll learn to love them after this session. Why? Because they'll guide you to more leases, higher commissions, stabilized occupancies, less turnover and smarter strategies that positively impact the bottom line.

Learn how simple calculations can make you the leasing hero and determine the exact adjustments you need to make to your leasing processes for ultimate success. Get real-time tutorials you can immediately implement and marketing math templates you can use for years to come. Math isn't just for managers... it's for the marketers.

  • Master Multifamily Math
    Learn how to calculate important metrics that impact both individual and team leasing performance so you can close more leases and rise up the ranks.
  • Emotional Equations
    Discover the art and science of pairing leasing creativity with marketing mathematics so you can launch and scale your campaigns.
  • Utilize Mathematical Theories
    Strengthen your leasing team's business acumen and help everyone on your team better communicate success to your C-Suite or the marketers.

Join Kristi Fickert and the Webinar Wednesday Team on this Special Recorded Broadcast to Demystify Marketing Math!

About Kristi Fickert
Kristi Fickert
About Kristi Fickert
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Excellent presentation! Very engaging.
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Kristi was so informative
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I really liked the interaction on the chat with everyone sharing so many ideas and how much information was provided by the speaker
[email protected] says
I liked how she gave formulas to help you calculate reports.
[email protected] says
The information was plentiful!
[email protected] says
The energy was awesome, kept me alert and alive!
[email protected] says
So much good insight.
[email protected] says
The webinar was very informative.
[email protected] says
Interesting; good examples

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