Mastering Maintenance: Appliances, Multimeters, & Electrical DIY, Oh My

Mastering Maintenance: Appliances, Multimeters, & Electrical DIY, Oh My

Webinar presented by Angel Davila

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This webinar combines virtual learning with hands on training to provide maintenance professionals an in-depth understanding of common appliance challenges faced in apartment communities. Bring a multimeter, some basic hand tools, and share a picture or video of that pesky appliance that’s been giving you headaches all year so we can find a solution to get it up and running!

One of the most intimidating challenges in appliance repair is identifying what’s wrong with the piece of equipment. Is it this thingamajig, that gadget, or this gizmo? During this webinar training, you’ll learn the appropriate name for those said parts, where they are located, how to test them, and the overall sequence of operation.

Join Angel Davila and the Webinar Wednesday Team on this Special Recorded Broadcast to Fix that Pesky Appliance!

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About Angel Davila
Angel Davila
About Angel Davila
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* Each registration is good for one attendee OR one on-site team. If you would like multiple attendees, group viewing events, or other needs, please contact us.


Comments for this event:
Austin Head says
All of the information was very helpful
Tera Burns says
I liked that Angel was very thorough with all the details.
Kaleb McAninch says
It was great!
Jimmy Fillmore says
I liked how in depth the training was. Very informative.
Rachel Baldwin says
Fantastic presentation
Todd Looney says
It was very informative and easy to understand for a layman like myself.
Ian Kurdelak says
the practical demonstrations were very good, and the explanations were thorough.
Alex Enchandia says
Learned a lot of information in a short amount of time.
Philip Goldsmith says
I loved the fact that he took his time to thoroughly explain the multimeter as well as it functions and how to use them on each of the appliances very informative!
Derek Crisp says
The instructor was very knowledgeable and spoke in a manner that anyone could understand
Zenith Strum says
The information was very in formative.
Jon Beavers says
It was very informative. The presenter was knowledgeable and had a great presentation.
Kathy Hulsey says
learning alot on maintenance can not wait till the next one
Yvette Hayes says
The siminar definitely was helpful on my understanding with appliances

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