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The Webinar Wednesdays and Mastering Maintenance webinars are the largest premium webinar series in the multifamily industry, helping you gain the skills to improve your performance and advance in your career! Through this program, you get access to innovative ideas, best practices, and emerging trends from a variety of topics, including customer service, leadership, maintenance, leasing and marketing, resident retention, career advancement, and other property management skills to become a superstar at your company!

Benefits of the All Access Pass:

  • All upcoming webinars at a discounted rate of just $46.64/mo, a reduction of 33%, saving you $280 over the course of a year - That is like attending 9 webinars for FREE!
  • Access to any past, recorded broadcast at a special subscriber rate of just $19.99/webinar.

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1/09/19 Toni Blake Toni Blake’s "Wings of Positive Change": 12 Powerful Human Habits for Successful Property Management
1/23/19 Lori Valenti Webb Powerhouse Round of Marketing Ideas
2/06/19 Lisa Trosien Re-Creating the Customer Experience
2/20/19 Rommel Anacan Blueprint of Success: Ten Powerful Principles of Highly Successful People
3/06/19 Angel Davila Mastering Maintenance: Gas Leaks, Fires, Floods, and Active Shooter Situations - Creating an Emergency Response Plan For Onsite Personnel and Supervisors
3/13/19 Kara Rice Day 1 Disaster Stories: 7 Biggest Mistakes You Make When Welcoming a New Team Member
3/27/19 Donald Davidoff 10 Best Hacks from 30 Years in Sales and Marketing
4/17/19 Anne Sadovsky Between a Rock and Hard Place; Fair Housing Questions with Challenging Answers
Stephanie 4/24/19 Stephanie Graves Service FAIL - What To Do When Service Goes Bad
Toni 5/08/19 Toni Blake 100% Follow-up Everyone Every time
5/15/19 Lori Snider Hide the Cell Phone! Re-Learning to Communicate in the Mobile Device Age
5/22/19 Angel Davila Mastering Maintenance: It's Better to Prepare and Prevent; Than to Repair and Repent
6/05/19 Jackie Ramstedt Renewing Our Vows of Commitment for Customers for Life!
6/19/19 Mary Gwyn WHAT'S YOUR SPECIAL? Managing the Concession Obsession
7/10/19 Rommel Anacan Next Person Up! The Essentials of Building Your Organization's Bench Strength
Lisa 7/24/19 Lisa Trosien Once Upon a Time: Selling Through Storytelling
8/07/19 Valerie M. Sargent From Difficult Employees to Irate Residents, How Emotional Intelligence Can Defuse Office Explosions
8/14/19 Zach Howell Mastering Maintenance: Understanding Your Building’s Exterior – The First Line of Defense for Your Property
8/28/19 Doug Chasick Fair Housing Ain't Fair - It's EQUAL! 2019 Edition
9/11/19 Leah Brewer Say YES to the Address
9/25/19 Megan Orser, Dawn Ford Do you speak Manager?
10/09/19 Jennifer Staciokas, Virginia Love, & Debbie Phillips Information Overload: The High Cost of Office Chaos
10/16/19 Vicki Sharp Mastering Maintenance: What Maintenance Teams Need to Know About Fair Housing
10/23/19 Larry Johnson Mastering the Leap to Management: Skills for new team leaders, supervisors, and managers
11/06/19 Jeffrey Butcher Secure the Appointment! Telephone Techniques That Sell
Kara and Steve 11/20/19 Steve Matre, Kara Rice The Manager's Role in Employee Engagement - 20 Simple Ways to Motivate and Reward
12/04/19 Mark Cukro Critical Lessons for the Office Team to Avoid Maintenance Misfires
12/11/19 Wesley Aleshire Avoiding Biases and Stereotypes in a Diverse Workplace

Schedule subject to change without notice.




Companies that have attended our webinars over the past year:

AESOP Advisors

Allen Properties


Arbor Properties, Inc.

Associated Management

Atlantic Pacific Companies

B & M Management

Beeler Properties, Inc.

Bell Partners, Inc.

Bella Investment Group

BH Management

Boyd Homes Corporation

Bridge Investment Group Partners

Camden Property Trust

Capstone Management

Celadon Properties, Inc.

CPM Companies

DEI Communities

Dietz Property Group

Drucker + Falk

Fairfield Property Management

Forest City Residential Group

Ginkgo Residential

Greystar Real Estate Partners

Hawthorne Residential Partners

Howe Investments

Inland Residential Real Estate Services

Jamco Properties

Judwin Properties

Lincoln Property Company

Mark Taylor Residential

Maxus Properties

MC Companies

McKinney Properties

Monarch Investment

Panther Properties Management

Premier Real Estate Management

Primary Property Management

Princeton Properties

Quest Managerment

Richbell Capital

RMK Management

Sentinel Real Estate

Sherman Residential

SMP - Strategic Management Partners

Southern Managment

Steadfast Companies

The Morgan Group

Tonti Properties

Trio Properties

UMH Properties

URP Management

Village Green Companies

Winn Residential

WPM Real Estate Management

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In order to receive discounted pricing, subscriptions must last for a minimum of 3 months (6 events). If canceled prior, the subscriber will be charged the difference between the subscriber rate and the normal rate of $29.99 per event. After this period, you may cancel at any time.

List of the comments:
Jessica Little
1 of 1 find it helpful
Our company stumbled across Webinar Wednesdays and it is by far the GREATEST thing ever created!! You get so much knowledge from each and every webinar! You are able to ask questions and take polls. No matter what your title is whether it is Manager, leasing or commercial you can relate. It's very helpful and the ideas are endless. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone!!! It is FABULOUS!!!

Ericka Eisenmann
Love the Webinar Wednesdays! So many helpful tools and tips on how to increase marketing efforts.

Karen White
This was my first one and it was amazing!! I have always been afraid to "get out and market" but the webinar had great ideas and I am really looking forward to implementing them!! Thank you!

Farrah Shackleford
Webinar Wednesdays is a great resource for your staff to take a breather from the phones and be able to hear from valuable players from the industry. They can regroup and start with fresh ideas!

Natasha Caruth
Webinar Wednesdays are a resourceful tool for what is happening NOW in the industry.

Sigifredo Hernandez
The webinars are fantastic! Awesome work everyone!

Jessica Victor
Webinar Wednesday's have helped me expand my knowledge in the Multifamily Industry! They are a short yet informative. A great time for me and my team to brush up on new industry trends and happenings.

Sherry Randall
I've attended several Webinar Wednesdays and have taken away from every one of them either a creative idea, a fresh perspective on something, or it helped me view something in a different way by hearing the speaker's experience and knowledge on the topic. I am a Regional Manager and often assign a Webinar Wednesday to someone on my team if they need training or fresh ideas. I think they are great and I will continue to attend them!

Courtney Murrah
I really enjoyed getting to take an hour to learn something new about my industry. I came away feeling accomplished and empowered to put new ideas into effect.

Stephanie Bryson
This was my first time attending a Webinar Wednesday webinar.  The speaker was energetic and shared many great tips.  I look forward to participating in more webinars in 2017!

Maureen Knight
They have been very helpful to our business. We have several small properties and found them very informative.

Lara Anderson
The Webinar Wednesday platform allows on demand learning in a quick format with convenience for our hectic schedules. 

Sara McClendon
This was my first time sitting in on a webinar! I LOVED IT!

Melissa Holgerson
If you have been in the business a while and are looking for fresh tips or just getting started and need training tips, this is the place to get it! It is for everybody! From owner to leasing to maintenance, include everybody!!

Laurie Vaillancourt
Its the first Webinar Wednesday it it was brilliant! love the pointers and did help put some ideas in place

Gregory Vandine
I enjoy the options and wide variety that the webinars offer.

Jaime McCabe
Very informative series! I truly enjoyed it and look forward to more!

Jen Johnson
Supremely informative. Covers a wide gamut if issues.

Windy Hodges
Very valuable information that the presenter makes memorable with stories and fun ideas.  I always learn new lessons thanks to Wednesday Webinars!

Rachel Towns
I have taken several webinars on Webinar Wednesday and I really enjoy having that 1-hour of refreshing your brain about our industry and specific areas. It's a great way to spark that flame back up once you hear how passionate others are about certain topics!

Karen Martin
I have attended a couple Webinar Wednesdays this year and they have been great--lots of great information from industry leaders.

Pinetop Hills
I like that you were able to have the Q & A and that you kept it interactive with the questions.

Samantha Drugmand
Webinar Wednesday is fantastic! Not only is it a great way to continuously train your team, but it's a great mid-week pick me up! There is something refreshing about learning new ways to look at situations.

Jessica Armstrong
Love the inspiration and ideas I get from these webinars!

Abiara M
I liked that the audio was great and the webinar was interactive.

Jen Johnson
I take a valuable lesson home from every webinar.

Sonjia Rojas
I like the fact that you are actually looking at someone

Amanda VanHook
This series has some very informational tips. It is really good to be able to share with our properties to ensure we are all using the same policies and staying current with the every changing rules and regulations and how to handle the current issues.

Abby Reel
Wednesday webinars have been very beneficial in my growth within the company. They always have a wide variety of topics to meet the needs of all in the industry.

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