Tricks of the Trade: Maintenance

Paul Rhodes
$29.99 each
This webinar is eligible for Continuing Education Credits!
Discussing Maintenance Tips and Tricks is more than just identifying creative ways to utilize duct tape!  This Webinar will offer unique ideas to help speed up that service; sometimes in unconventional ways. Solutions will be offered to some common issues found on-site such as:
  • How to quickly remove foam from inside a Dishwasher when residents use the wrong soap
  • How to finish drywall “dust free”
  • Can I actually provide better air filtration in a resident’s apartment by NOT replacing the air filter?
  • Making the next service call for the same plumbing issue faster (such as a faucet seat)
  • How can I decrease Garbage Disposal service requests?
  • Short term ROI repairs for long term water savings
  • MORE….

Watch this recorded webinar with Paul Rhodes and the Webinar Wednesday Team for invaluable maintenance tips and tricks!*

Who should watch:
Property Managers, Small Owners, Maintenance Personnel, Site Staff

About Paul Rhodes:
Paul has spent the past 8+ years providing instruction to and information about Apartment Maintenance. Currently he is the National Maintenance and Safety instructor for NAAEI where much of his time is spent teaching the Certificate for Apartment Maintenance Technician program. His over a decade of on-site experiences plus infectious teaching style has allowed him to speak to many different audiences, including Maintenance personnel, Property Managers, Owners, Investors and Management Company Executives all over the country. A regular contributor to Units magazine and the National Apartment Association’s APTly Spoken blog, Paul’s goal is to both increase the level of skill that a Maintenance Technician possess’ as well as the esteem of that position.

A special thanks to Florence Manufacturing Company and NAAEI sponsoring this event. Please take a moment to check them out!

Florence Manufacturing CompanyNAAEI

* Each registration is good for one attendee OR one on-site team. If you would like multiple attendees, group viewing events, or other needs, please contact us.

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