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We appreciate you supporting Multifamily Insiders, and by doing so, you will be reaching thousands of multifamily professionals.  We offer a few different types of sponsor programs designed for different pages and sections on the site.  From this page, you will see example sponsor ad placements in green.  Click on a sponsor program to see specific attributes and pricing for that particular program.

Website Sponsor Program
Primary Location
Available Spots Base Price
Diamond 160 X 600 & 300 X 300 Home Page, File Bank, Inbox, Apartment News, About Us, User Search (plus "All Insiders" and "My Friends"), Community Photos, & Insider Blogs (below the fold) 5/month Sold Out!
Diamond Hybrid Sponsorship
468 X 60
This sponsorship comprises locations across the Multifamily Insiders network. This includes locations above the fold on MultifamilyInsiders.com (Groups Area, Deals Page, Surveys), below the fold on MultifamilyInsiders.com (Discussions Section, File Bank, and Community Page), prominent locations on all ResidentEvents.com pages, and on ApartmentAssociations.com. 5/month Sold Out!
468 X 60
Home Page, Discussions Section, Inbox, User Profile, Contact Us Page 5/month

Sold Out!

Gold 160 X 160 Insider Blogs (entire section) 5/month Sold Out!
Silver 160 X 60 Majority of pages on the site, across almost all content areas Unlimited $99/mo
Multifamily Press 270 X 400 Throughout MultifamilyPress.com 5/month $149/mo
Other Sponsorship Programs
Social Media Recommendation We recommend your Fan Page and Twitter account to our network, yielding increased exposure and Likes 1/month $500
Newsletter Weekly Newsletter Placement (approximately 300x100px) 2/newsletter Sold Out!
Survey Sponsor a monthly survey that is distributed to thousands of multifamily professionals 2/survey $350/survey
Event Listing List your event in various areas of the site, as well as syndicated to LinkedIn, Facebook, & Twitter $500/Event
Webinar Sponsorship Sponsor the largest premium webinar sponsorship in the multifamily industry, featuring the top speakers in the industry. 2/webinar Contact us for availability


Contact us with any questions you have about becoming a Multifamily Insiders sponsor.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will every page have this many ads on it?

This page is designed to show you all ads available, but in reality, only one or two ad spots actually show up on most pages.


What does "Available Spots" mean?

Banners randomly rotate for each page view, and "Available Spots" indicates how many other ads will share that particular banner space.  We limit the number of ads to improve the number of impressions that your ad placement will receive!


Is a sponsorship just a banner ad?

Our programs are much more than just banner ads!  We integrate our sponsors in unique ways throughout the site, so they are featured partners in assorted different areas on Multifamily Insiders.  This integration is clearly noticeable, yet unobtrusive, to the members, which is exactly what you want to accomplish.  In other words, they will be incredibly aware of your sponsorship, without feeling overwhelmed!


How quickly will my sponsor program begin?

Currently, we are keeping our start and stop times based upon the beginning and end of the month.  Therefore, your program will start at the beginning of the following month.  NOTE: If all available spots have been filled for the upcoming month, your sponsorship will begin during the first available month and continue for the term selected.


As a sponsor, do I get "free reign" on the site?

We will do everything we can to help you get exposure to the members, but the same general posting rules also apply to sponsors.  With our sponsorship programs, we have created a great balance that both spreads the word about our sponsors without our members feeling bombarded!   So keeping this balance healthy will bring more members to the site, thus giving you a much wider audience!


What if a piece of content does not shine a positive light on my company or product?

The reason why Multifamily Insiders has grown into the largest online professional network for the multifamily industry is because of the ability for members to discuss a variety of different topics.  This means that not all topics will be "pro" every type of service or product.  We keep our editorial decisions completely separate from our sponsorship decisions, so that readers can continue to trust the content on the site.  If a negative review ever shows up for a sponsor's product or niche, we encourage the company to actively engage in the discussion and use it as an opportunity to learn, adapt, and change opinions.


Still have questions?  Contact Us!