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  • From someone that works with a third party service provider I'd add that it makes things easier, faster, and more efficient on our end when there are standards across a company or client. It means we can give you what you need with little to no effo
    komento 193 days ago
  • Nick Merritt replied to the topic 'Appfolio or Buildium' in the forum.
    You're going to run into issues if you want to connect to any 3rd party providers you use that might need to integrate data. Appfolio is a little easier to work with on this, but still relies heavily on manual processes. If you plan on a 3rd party billing, accounting, or other service you may want...
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    kunena.post 494 days ago
  • Nick Merritt replied to the topic 'Yardi software users - managing migration to 7s' in the forum.
    Make sure you communicate with any 3rd party vendors before you switch. They will need to make sure they are compatible and possibly make adjustments on their end. Some settings may have to be reset as well, once you've switched.
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    kunena.post 556 days ago
  • ResMan is really good, works well with third party vendors. Entrata is good that way too.
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    kunena.post 893 days ago
  • Nick Merritt thanks user 'chuckmall' in the forum message ' Yardi things that often go wrong'.
    kunena.thankyou 1922 days ago
  • Nick Merritt replied to the topic 'Yardi things that often go wrong' in the forum.
    Working at a third part vendor I don't technically use Yardi. However, as we Integrate with Yardi frequently we see a lot of things that cause problems for the built in integration process in Yardi.

    -Occupant counts. If you are using 3rd party vendors for utility or other billing and base it on...
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    kunena.post 1922 days ago
  • On your poll for the # of gallons per day for a leaky toilet -
    None of the above. A toilet can leak up to 2 gal a min 2 X 60 = 120 an hour. 120 X 24 = 2880 a day.
    profile 2055 days ago