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  • Thanks Rommel for some fantastic words that continue to inspire thought. I wish I could remember the mentor that gave me the advice: "If common sense were more common, we wouldn't talk about it so much." Every time I hear "it's only common sense" M
    komento 233 days ago
  • Paul Rhodes replied to the topic 'On Call Incentives??' in the forum.
    Traveling the country and speaking to both Tech's and their Mgr.s I'm fascinated by the philosophical differences I find on this topic. From the Technician's viewpoint I don't see many "excited" by being on call as you state utility workers are. I've also found that the bonus or incentive is the...
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    kunena.post 244 days ago
  • As a maintenance professional I agree completely with the need for dress code. Recently, in El Paso, I attended a class where the On-Site office staff had specified different uniform each day (except Friday). It was very impressive to see this group
    komento 288 days ago
  • PREACH!!!! It's not just about the fact that a technician know's how to fix something (Important)... It's how that knowledge is perceived by the resident. If that resident will call a tech to come into their home again can directly affect renewal rat
    komento 400 days ago
  • Paul Rhodes replied to the topic 'Excessive noise or not?' in the forum.
    Let a "Maintenance Guy" throw a possible wrench in the works. (A slightly different viewpoint).

    Has there been an evaluation made for construction or repairs? Many older buildings were built with a sub floor system in mind that included carpet pad and carpet. This means that when we update to hard...
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    kunena.post 427 days ago
  • Paul Rhodes replied to the topic 'Structure of a Maintenance Department' in the forum.
    I love this thought process as there are a myriad of possibilities.

    One possible consideration in this process is setting up and promoting an official line of succession. This means that new maintenance personnel starting out must go through the "turn-tech" position and the culture of the...
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    kunena.post 594 days ago
  • Paul Rhodes replied to the topic 'New Property Manager' in the forum.
    Having been in the position of being the existing maintenance department when transitioning to a new Property Manager, here are a couple of things to consider:

    - Keep what works: Habits had been formed with the outgoing PM that may or may not work with your style or personality. These habits are...
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    kunena.post 596 days ago
  • You are exactly correct Kandi... I think we agree that if we offer impersonal communication (meaning that my eyeballs are not looking at your eyeballs when the request is given, or I can't hear your voice to infer tone or meaning) as a means for re
    komento 645 days ago
  • WOW, 10 years... that's almost unheard of nowadays...

    Salary rates seem to be a difficult number to pin down, especially for a position that arguably is one of the most important on site, and especially for an employee that has shown loyalty for that long. If he is an independent contractor, with...
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    kunena.post 667 days ago
  • Paul Rhodes replied to the topic 'Insuite washer/dryer cleaning' in the forum.
    In my experience, during the turn process maintenance will cycle both washer and dryer to ensure correct operation and verify cleanliness in a basic fashion. This verification entails the simple "looks good" and "sniff" test.

    A change might need to be made to the above process if you are using a...
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    kunena.post 686 days ago
  • Paul Rhodes replied to the topic 'HVAC service decision tree' in the forum.
    The only version I've run across of this type of info was in the book "Modern AC and Refrigeration" (Goodheart-Willcox publishing; 20th ed). Appendix B has a pretty good basic trouble shooting chart.

    Since very few Apartment Tech's have that book, I teach troubleshooting based upon this statement:...
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    kunena.post 705 days ago
  • Paul Rhodes replied to the topic 'MO99' in the forum.
    Happy afternoon David,

    You are correct in the method of determining proper amount is specific to the system design:

    ---Superheat is used for fixed orifice metering device systems
    ---Subcool charging is used for systems that have a variable metering device (TXV or TEV)
    ---Weigh in charging is the...
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    kunena.post 711 days ago
  • Paul Rhodes replied to the topic 'MO99' in the forum.
    The charging adapter I have is sold through various suppliers and is called an "Insta Charge" fitting. Essentially it's a metering device that is threaded (1/4inch flair) to fit between the manifold and low side hose in line to allow the refrigerant to change state. Alternatively it can be installed...
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    kunena.post 722 days ago
  • Paul Rhodes thanks user 'vicki.sharp@thesharpsolution.net' in the forum message ' Scheduling work order and unit turnover for maintenance staff'.
    kunena.thankyou 764 days ago
  • Brent Williams wrote:
    As a side note, it's funny you quoted Mike Tyson because we scheduled a post for Monday relating to an upcoming webinar using that same quote! What a coincidence.

    Great minds think...
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    kunena.post 768 days ago
  • Paul Rhodes added a new comment in You Deserve a Break Today!
    If I can add on to your timely reminder, Maintenance Technicians need turn off the radio,or shut off the phone and put down the caulking gun during this time of day as much as the office staff. I've found (and am also guilty) that maintenance technic
    komento 768 days ago
  • Paul Rhodes thanks user 'jfrey' in the forum message ' Scheduling work order and unit turnover for maintenance staff'.
    kunena.thankyou 768 days ago
  • Paul Rhodes thanks user 'koster_j' in the forum message ' Looking for a "Team Player?"'.
    kunena.thankyou 793 days ago
  • Brilliant comments about having vendor partners, not just vendor providers. When I needed a contractor to do any work that was a little out of the ordinary I did everything in my ability to be available to be a "gopher" for the job. I wasn't just in
    komento 803 days ago