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I am passionate about training and motivating on-site teams! With over 40 years experience is all job profiles, I bring actual experiences and stories to attendees.
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The Sharp Solution
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We are a multi-family training and consulting firm for apartment associations and companies throughout the US and abroad.


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Vicki Sharp

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  • The term "pet" can mean any animal kept in your apartment home. I have seen fishtanks that get broken and cause a flood in the apartment, and birds of any type can create a big mess if an owner is not diligent about cleaning up. Guinea pigs, hamsters, and other rodent family pets can cause serious...
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    kunena.post 185 days ago
  • First of all, it's important to know that every property is managed differently, with various policies and procedures. Therefore, it's not my place to say what is appropriate or not. That disclaimer out of the way, I will say I have never heard of charging pet deposits and pet fees again at the...
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    kunena.post 242 days ago
  • Vicki Sharp replied to the topic 'Late Rent' in the forum.
    Here is a different way to collect rent on a more timely basis. Set your market rates a bit higher, and offer an "early bird" discount to those who pay BEFORE the due date. Of course, you will still follow your policies and laws for those who choose not to pay on time, but this idea has resulted...
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    kunena.post 244 days ago
  • This post has been creating conversation for quite some time now, and it appears to have both management and resident input. I noticed several of the postings question the legality or morality of charging pet deposits, pet fees, and/or pet rent. The reality is that the controlling document for all...
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    kunena.post 244 days ago
  • Vicki Sharp replied to the topic 'Lease Up Bonus Ideas' in the forum.
    I have also used a percentage of the total, net lease value and found it to be the most effective. As an example, if the rent on a 12 month lease is $1000, and the agent gives away a half a month in free rent, the total value of the contract is $11,500. 1% commission is $115.00, of which half...
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    kunena.post 244 days ago
  • Vicki Sharp replied to the topic 'Portland Rent Increase & Relocation Expenses?' in the forum.
    I agree with Mindy. Hopefully multi-family property owners and managers, and their suppliers, will become very active with their local apartment association, and build a strong legislative group who will work against these types of ordinances and laws. The Austin and Texas Apartment Associations...
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    kunena.post 244 days ago
  • Actually, pet rent is appropriate as pets create additional expense for the property owner with installing and maintaining pet stations and having employees pick up after negligent pet owners. It is also appropriate as only pet owners pay for these additional expenses. Banning pet rent is...
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    kunena.post 244 days ago
  • Vicki Sharp replied to the topic 'How To Avoid Hiring Smokers' in the forum.
    At this time, smokers are not a protected class, so I believe you can ask if someone is a smoker before you hire them. Even if that is the case is some municipality, you can state that your company, and your communities are all non-smoking locations. Unfortunately, if someone is a smoker, they...
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    kunena.post 244 days ago
  • The National Apartment Association (NAA) has a great working group tackling this problem. Soon, there will be standard forms and even a script to use when dealing with this problem. Watch for upcoming news from NAA.
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    kunena.post 594 days ago
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  • Vicki Sharp posted a comment on Please “Shop” Me!
    When I was a regional manager, we were always working on improving closing ratios. Most of our shops came back positive, which were always rewarded publicly, but closing was still the weakest area. So, I started giving the shoppers $10 in cash, and
    easyblog 1814 days ago
  • Hey Tara,Sometimes it's not just poor customer service as much as it is a huge lack of common sense! Let me share an example.I went to the post office to pick up our stack of vacation mail. While I was there, I decided to buy a roll of stamps. Whe
    easyblog 1814 days ago
  • If you lease to a person with a criminal background, and they commit a crime against another resident, you will be held responsible for that. After all, you knew they had a criminal background, and still let them in. A plaintiff's attorney would ha
    easyblog 1814 days ago
  • AWESOME article! I am always stressing that we need to focus on the customer we have versus the prospect that hasn't moved, yet. The stats you quote will help drive this point home, especially to the ever budget minded corporate office! Thanks aga
    easyblog 1814 days ago
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  • As I peruse the jobs listings, I can't help but notice that virtually all regional and corporate level positions have requirements for a Bachelor
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  • Vicki Sharp replied to the topic Re:Move Out Packet - Anybody Trying This? in the forums.
    Someone else hit the nail on the head earlier in this post. The time to share your move-out cleaning expectations is at the time of move in. If you
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