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  • Julia F replied to the topic 'Structure of a Maintenance Department' in the forum.
    We have 328 units. 2 service techs, and 1 turn tech. On slower "service" days, the techs can work on turns, but we always have 1 dedicated tech that works on getting all apartments turned. We've found this has worked very well for us, as we can schedule the turn tech, and any other turn work that...
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    kunena.post 138 days ago
  • Julia F added a new comment in You Deserve a Break Today!
    It can be difficult to step away, even for a short break. I find the "lunch hour" to be one of the hardest times, because that's when my residents and prospects have their free time. However, I always try to at least take my lunch into the clubhous
    komento 280 days ago
  • Erin,

    It's difficult to schedule work orders, as you can't really predict when they'll come up... for turnovers, I do have a system, though. Every Monday morning I give maintenance an updated turnover schedule. It lists all upcoming move-ins (unit#, size, move in date) on one side, and all vacant...
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    kunena.post 283 days ago
  • Julia F added a new comment in It Isn't Us Against Them
    Exactly, Mindy! When I start to feel myself slide into the "us vs them" mentality (which I'm sure we're all guilty of from time to time) I remind myself - THEY are the whole reason for my job!! If every resident was "perfect" - paid on time, were q
    komento 283 days ago
  • Julia F added a new comment in Finding The Lost Prospects
    Great article. Like Mindy mentioned, especially in student housing, sometimes these applicants just disappear. However, I think that putting a specific system in place to follow up with all applicants would help to reduce this number. I agree wit
    komento 298 days ago
  • Julia F replied to the topic 'Evaporator Coil Cleaning' in the forum.
    We always clean the coils at each apartment turnover. We change air filters every 6 months, and they check them then for cleanliness. If it needs it, they'll clean them when they change the filters, but we don't schedule it for more than that.
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    kunena.post 315 days ago
  • I love this. I was reading another article (I think on MFI, actually) about a company that gives its employees 2 paid days off for volunteer work, which I thought was an AMAZING idea. I think a company taking an active role in the community has so
    komento 315 days ago
  • Brent - I like the idea, but not sure on the implementation. How would a property determine who is an "influencer"? Would we be faced with Fair Housing issues if they're offered promos that non-influencers don't get? And then, what happens if/when
    komento 315 days ago
  • I keep a simple reply saved in my phone's notes - basically just says, thank you for your interest, we do have great homes available for you. a member of our leasing team will be in touch tomorrow when the office opens to discuss details. And then I
    komento 328 days ago
  • I LOVE THIS!!!! What a great way to not only give back, but to raise employee morale, and increase your company's visibility in the community.
    komento 328 days ago
  • That's such an awesome idea!! Maybe send them after each resident signs a renewal, that would be an easy way to split the costs over the year.
    komento 340 days ago
  • Such great ideas!! I love organizing resident events around New Years Resolutions!
    komento 356 days ago
  • Julia F added a new comment in Celebrate Lease Renewals
    I love this idea. It's so easy to create a template and send the same letter to everyone. It saves time in the office. But does it increase retention? Unlikely. A letter like this would stand out from previous renewal offers they would have recei
    komento 368 days ago
  • Great points, Brent. If everyone has a pool, then a pool isn't special anymore - it's a standard. Our job then becomes making sure our "standard" pool is anything but - maybe you offer water aerobics classes to stand out from the bunch, things like
    komento 369 days ago
  • We give annual performance evaluations, which do tie in with our proposed pay rates for the following year. However, to make the situation more "conversation" and less "monologue", we have each employee self-evaluate as well. They receive a blank e
    komento 378 days ago
  • We do that!! Our Leasing Consultant keeps all guest cards for a year, if they don't apply. On the 1 year anniversary of the month of their initial contact, we touch base with them again. We figure if they were looking for a new apartment last Apri
    komento 469 days ago
  • Every fall, we do a door decorating contest (most go with Halloween theme, but we don't require it). We choose the winners of each building, and then post the building winners on our Facebook page. The door that gets the most "likes" wins the overall contest. Residents have a lot of fun with it,...
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    kunena.post 472 days ago
  • That would be awesome!! I have no idea how you get your property to be included in the game, but if someone figures it out, what a cool marketing tool!
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    kunena.post 497 days ago
  • Julia F replied to the topic 'Key Fob Suppliers' in the forum.
    Mindy - We have key fob access for our buildings. There is a callbox at each building door, where guests can call the residents. The box is programmed to then allow residents to unlock the building door with their phone.

    Megan - We use SimplexGrinnell for our key fobs and callboxes. It's great,...
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    kunena.post 497 days ago
  • Julia F replied to the topic 'HE Washer/Dryer' in the forum.
    Linda, could you send me a copy of the instructions you use? my email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Thanks so much!
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    kunena.post 579 days ago
  • Julia F created a new topic ' HE Washer/Dryer' in the forum.
    Our owners are looking to "upgrade" our apartments. We were built in 2008. They asked about switching our standard washers and dryers to HE, presumably front-loading models. Each apartment has a washer and dryer in the unit, not laundry rooms. Does anyone have these style in their community?...
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    kunena.post 587 days ago
  • Julia F replied to the topic 'How do you handle bashing reviews like these?' in the forum.
    It would depend on what the review stated. I would refute some claims, but not get bogged down in details. For example "The pool is disgusting and moldy" I would reply "Thank you for your concern. We do have a staff member who cleans the pool every morning and our maintenance supervisor inspects...
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    kunena.post 591 days ago